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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Back to the doc- 27 weeks

27 weeks?! How in the world did I get here? I'm just a week away from the next (and a very big) milestone. Very exciting! On Tuesday I was back to MFS for an ultrasound. I go again in 2 weeks and then will start going weekly. At 32 weeks I will start going twice a week. This visit was a great one! Each heart rate for each baby is perfect. Luke finally showed the ultrasound tech his spine so they were able to wrap up the anatomy scan for all 3 babies. It's only taken them 5 visits! Most just get one anatomy scan. My babies are very uncooperative and always seem to be in the wrong position! We did get profile pics of Jake and Luke at the visit but couldn't get any of Sarah. We also tried to get some 3-D pics of their faces but all 3 babies were laying face down toward my spine and we could not get them to turn. What do these children have against their pictures being taken??? The tech also checked my cervix and it is still long and closed- 3.7cm. That's close to what it was 2 weeks ago so none of the contractions or cramping is changing my cervix. The doctor was very pleased with this. She said she sees many women just carrying singletons that don't have those kind of numbers at 27 weeks. Good news! Also, my blood pressure was good and the 24 hour urine test was negative for protein. More good news! The prayers and good thoughts from all our friends and family are helping us tremendously. Please keep them coming. Enjoy the pics of Jake and Luke.

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