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Sunday, September 27, 2009

We all miss the non-pregnant Kelly

Kurt and I were sitting around the other night reminiscing about the "old Kelly" and we decided we both miss her. Kurt misses the Kelly that cooked dinner and helped with chores around the house. I miss the Kelly that ate meat and didn't run from the table to throw up. Kurt misses the Kelly that was romantic and loving instead of the "touch-me-not" grouch. I miss the Kelly that could sleep comfortably through the night without having to pee 10 times or turn over because her hips hurt too much. I miss the Kelly who could work through the whole day without practically falling asleep at the wheel. I miss the Kelly who didn't have to wear granny undies and elastic only pants. Truth be told, I think I miss the old Kelly more than Kurt does. About the only person around here who doesn't miss her is Lady. The pregnant Kelly sleeps a lot more than the old Kelly and Lady enjoys the extra snuggle time. It's getting harder and harder by the day to carry these 3 around, but I know it's all for good reason. And I wouldn't trade it for the world! Off to the doctor again tomorrow morning for my 19 week appointment. Stay tuned.

Monday, September 21, 2009

New baby pics :)

These pics are from last week's appointment. The babies each weigh around 7 ounces and are around 5 1/2 inches in length. Their heartrates were consistently in the 150's-160's. Everything is right on track! The individual pics are not as clear as some have been. Our wiggle worms are constantly on the move! There are also pics showing that "B" and "C" are big strong boys complete with boy parts. The final pic is of "B's" arm and hand waving to the camera. Baby B has always been my showboat!

The amazing growing belly!

I thought I'd post a few pics showing the progress of this crazy belly of mine. I am 18 weeks pregnant but the docs estimate I probably measure around 29 weeks or so. Most women with triplets consistently measure 10-14 weeks ahead because of course there are 3 times the baby in there. My OBGYN expects for me to have a full term 40 week belly at just 24 weeks pregnant. So in just 6 weeks I'll be "full term"- lol. Then the fun really begins! The funny thing is although my belly has grown and grown I haven't yet gained any weight. So I guess I must be getting smaller somewhere else. I wonder where??? The first pic was taken at 4 weeks pregnant- the day we found out! The next 3 were taken at 12 weeks, 16 weeks, and 18 weeks respectively.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Christmas 2010

Tonight I had a cool moment thinking about the triplets' future. Kurt and I (well mostly just me- he was on the internet) were watching a show about quadruplets and they were celebrating Christmas. I started picturing what next Christmas will be like for our 1 year old triplets. I think they will have lots of fun playing with boxes, paper, and bows. Knowing my family, they will probably get bows stuck on their heads like I did when I was a kid. Then I started thinking about all the years of holidays to come. I can't wait to get their pictures made with Santa and have him come and bring them toys. Christmas is always my favorite time of year. It's so exciting to think of sharing it with my children. We probably won't get to meet them by this Christmas just a little over 3 months from now, but by Christmas 2010, we'll be sharing the holidays with our 2 sweet boys and 1 sweet girl.

Yes, I spilled the beans...we're having 2 BOYS and a GIRL!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Other people's sad news

I'm feeling a little blue today. Two different friends had sad news to share and both have affected me deeply. The first was an update on the deteriorating condition of Kristy's sister-in-law Sandy. About a week and a half ago Sandy had a brain aneurysm and has been hospitalized and unconscious since that time. She had surgery to try and repair the damage but it appears the doctors are fighting a losing battle. Everything about the situation is sad but to me the saddest thing is the two 18 month old twin boys she would be leaving behind. Sandy fought so hard to hold on to those boys and to even get them here after a difficult pregnancy. She fought hard to keep them alive as they spent months in the NICU. Everyone is still praying for a miracle but are realistic about the situation.

The second friend who shared sad news today told me she just found out she has lost the twins she was carrying. This is the second friend in 2 weeks I know who has lost their multiple pregnancy. Both times the story is the same. They go into the doctor's office for a scan and the doctor can detect no fetal heartbeat. This is pretty much what happened to Kurt and I during our first pregnancy. No warning. No signs. Just I'm sorry they are gone. The friends are both members of the same infertility forum I belong to. I've developed close friendships with many of the women on the forum. We've shared many ups and downs. I was so happy for both friends when they became pregnant. Both have long struggled with infertility. I was elated to find out they were both having multiples like me. Now I'm just so sad their babies are gone. When I heard the news I felt like I was back in time. I felt like I was sitting there listening to my doctor tell me our baby was gone. I was hurt, angry, and stunned. Later I just felt empty and broken. I pray for peace and healing for these women. I wouldn't wish the pain they're feeling on my worst enemy. And although as of my last appointment the triplets were as perfect as can be, there's still a little part of me that fears that we could again know that awful pain.

So please today pray for Sandy and her family. Please pray for the 2 women mourning the lost of their babies. And please pray for the continued health and development of our triplets. Thank you.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beach Babes

Since last weekend was a "long" Labor Day weekend, my Mom, 2 friends (Carla and Dianna), and I took off for Panama City Beach, Florida. Although it was just a short trip, it was a lot of fun! It was also very eye-opening at the changes in my body.

* During the trip I had to be extra careful not to get hungry as that would bring on nausea.
* I also still struggled with eating dinner even at my favorite places.
* I was more tired than usual just spending time out by the beach and pool. I had to nap every day.
* I was out of breath just toting my towel and beach bag back and forth from the beach.
* Finally, I was super uncomfortable on a lounge chair. I can't lay comfortably on my back or my stomach and it is nearly impossible to lay comfortably on your side on a lounge chair.

Sometimes I don't even notice how "different" I am pregnant. But this trip sure reminded me. It was also kind of strange to think this is probably the last trip I will ever take without 3 little ones to tote around. And I can't wait!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to the doc we go!

Monday we had another visit at the doctor and another ultrasound. This time my Mom joined Kurt and I and she got her first look at the babies. All 3 babies were very active and it made getting pictures quite difficult. Also, the tech could not determine genders this time so we're hopeful for our next visit in 2 weeks. I will be 17 weeks then. Cross your fingers! I feel like 17 weeks will be a milestone for us. That was the approximate week our little girl Leyna Koenig passed away in utero last Thanksgiving. Even though I carried her longer, based on her measurements she likely died during that time. Once we get this pregnancy past the time when we lost Leyna, I think we will all breathe a little easier. They did not measure the size of our little monkeys this visit but I could tell they had grown a lot in just the last 2 weeks. Their heart rates were perfect measuring 164, 162, and 166 beats per minute respectively. They also checked my cervix which is nice and long and closed. That is a very important thing as that is sort of the indicator of change they are watching for. Things will progress as normal until such time as they notice cervical change. That is usually the time when women will be asked to go on bedrest. So please keep those prayers coming I can stay "upright" as long as possible. Here are the new pics of A, B, and C. As usual, A and B are cooperating while wiggle worm C would not stay put long enough for a nice photo. We hope you enjoy!