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Monday, March 29, 2010

We can leave the house!

Kurt and I have been a little nervous about taking the babies out of the house. First, it has been cold and flu season and we didn't want to expose the babies to a lot of germs unnecessarily. Second, we weren't sure we'd be able to handle them if they all started crying at once. But we decided to take them to Duluth to spend some time with my extended family. I was especially excited for the trips to get to meet their great-aunt Marybeth and great-uncle Derick and their children Drew and Zane. Derick was hospitalized with a growth on his brain back around Thanksgiving. He underwent several surgeries and has been on a long road to recovery. They weren't able to come out and see the babies. So I was extra excited for this opportunity to visit!

Later we visited with Dad and Elizabeth and even took the babies out to Frontera for dinner. Jake and Sarah slept through most of the meal. Luke didn't sleep but he also didn't make a peep. He was too fascinated with all the sights and sounds. This was the first true "sit-down" restaurant we've taken the kids to and it went fine. We still get lots of stares and lots of questions from strangers. But we're used to it.

Now that we've proven we can handle the babies out in public we are going to try a real adventure. We've decided to take a family vacation to the beach for Memorial Day. The babies will be nearly 5 months old. It's our tradition to go away for Memorial Day every year but we weren't sure we would go this year because of the babies. But we decided to give it a shot. So we'll be loading up the mini van and heading south! I'm sure we'll have some great stories.

This Friday is a big day coming up. It's technically their 2 month checkup (although they will be 3 months old a week from this Wednesday) and the pediatricians first look at them since that first visit right after they were born. It will be good to hear his thoughts on their growth and development compared with other babies their age. As of today Sarah weighs 10lbs. 9ozs. Jake weighs 12 lbs. 15ozs. Luke weighs 10lbs. 14ozs. I have lots of questions. Although the babies will have the get immunizations. Uggggg. I hope I'm not too traumatized!

Friday, March 26, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

The babies requested I take a few minutes and let you all in on some of their likes and dislikes. Enjoy the pics of Luke napping with Lady, Sarah in her new outfit, and "Mr. Adorable" Jake.
* Nana, Mimi, Gramps, Grandma, Grandpa, our uncles, and all our extended family!
* Mommy's milk
* Our aquarium projector
* Warm baths
* Snuggling with Lady
* Our swings if we're happy

* Spitting up through our nose
* Having lotion put on
* Having our diaper changed
* Immunizations!
* The "evil" bulb syringe
* Our swings if we're mad

Sunday, March 21, 2010

10 Week Update

Just a quick update on the trio. Everyone is just wonderful. The babies weights are as follows:

Sarah Grace: 9lbs. 2ozs.
Jacob William: 12 lbs. 2ozs.
Lucas Richard: 10lbs. 0ozs.

I can't believe how fast they are growing! Luke is the lightest eater taking in 4 1/3ozs. at each feeding. Sarah is in the middle taking in 4 2/3 ozs. And of course Jake is my hungry man taking in 5 1/3 ozs. I'm still pumping like a crazy woman to give the babies the most breast milk as possible. I think I make 30-35 ozs. of milk per day. This means we do have to supplement with a good bit of formula but at least the babies are each getting several bottles of my milk each day.
As for milestones, Jake has started to smile more and we're pretty sure he means to. He also makes good eye contact with toys and with us. Luke has rolled over just the one time but he looks like he could do it again any day now. Both boys are doing great with head and neck control. Sarah does a good job with it too.
We're very excited about Easter coming up. We have precious little outfits for all 3 babies. They're a little too young for an egg hunt but we will still have a fun day.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

That's how we roll

Today was a small milestone for our little overachiever Luke. He rolled over today! Kurt put him down in the bed on his back. A few minutes later he went back over to the pack n play to check on the babies and Luke has rolled over onto his tummy. It was the first time any of the babies had done this. Congrats, buddy! Although Kurt thinks Luke had some help from his big brother Jake. He thinks they kind of pushed up against each other. Our babes are growing so fast!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2 Months Old!

Sorry for the delay in posting. Funny thing, triplets keep us SUPER busy so there's not as much time for blogging- lol. The babies turned 2 months old on Saturday. It's amazing how big they have gotten in just 2 months. Jake tops the charts by weighing a whopping 10lbs. 14ozs. Luke isn't far behind at 9lbs. 6ozs. Sarah is still the smallest but holding her own at 8lbs. 8ozs.

The babies can focus more now and actually stare at us when we feed them. They are also now reaching for things like brightly colored or light-up toys. Jake has developed the bad habit of grabbing my hair. Another good milestone is that they are routinely sleeping 5-6 hours at a time at night. What a welcome change from the 2-3 hours the first few weeks they were home. At mealtime, Jake eats 4 2/3 ozs. Sarah eats 4 ozs. with Luke eating 3 2/3 ozs. Jake and Sarah do great with feedings but Luke struggles sometimes. I think he may have reflux or something as he arches his back, squirms around and refuses the bottle a lot. We plan to ask the doctor about it at their 2 month check-up coming up.

The babies celebrated their 2 month old birthday by taking a trip to Rockmart, GA to visit some extended family. We visited with my great-aunts Margie, Wilma, and Christine. With these 3 women included, we have 5 generations alive at one time. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a photo of this rare occurrence. The aunts loved the babies and didn't want to let them go. It was really a special day! I hope we get a chance to go back soon. The babies are such good car-riders. They slept the whole way there and back. We didn't even hear a peep until we turned on our street. I'm so very thankful they like the car.

Enjoy their 2 month photos and one of the 5 generations photos we took!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mommy's new fashion accessory

Just in case you are not as fashion-forward as I am I will let you in on the hottest trend of 2010. Moms of multiples all over the globe have been seen sporting these essential accessories. What are they you ask? None other than Sleep Pretty hot pink ear plugs! Oh they are this season's "must-have" when you have newborn triplets in the house. See our babies don't like to wait for their meals so when they have empty tummies they unleash the most blood-curdling screams you've ever heard. And since you can only feed one baby at a time (unless you have help) the hungry babies blast your ear drums to make you aware of their plight. Now ear plugs don't block out the cries completely (a sound proof room couldn't even do that) but they do take the edge off and allow you to calmly feed a baby without having a meltdown hearing your other babies scream. What a lifesaver!