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Monday, March 1, 2010

Mommy's new fashion accessory

Just in case you are not as fashion-forward as I am I will let you in on the hottest trend of 2010. Moms of multiples all over the globe have been seen sporting these essential accessories. What are they you ask? None other than Sleep Pretty hot pink ear plugs! Oh they are this season's "must-have" when you have newborn triplets in the house. See our babies don't like to wait for their meals so when they have empty tummies they unleash the most blood-curdling screams you've ever heard. And since you can only feed one baby at a time (unless you have help) the hungry babies blast your ear drums to make you aware of their plight. Now ear plugs don't block out the cries completely (a sound proof room couldn't even do that) but they do take the edge off and allow you to calmly feed a baby without having a meltdown hearing your other babies scream. What a lifesaver!

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