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Friday, September 24, 2010

Big Slobbery Kisses!

The kids have a new thing they like to do & to be honest it's my favorite thing yet! They like to grab our faces and lean in to plant a big ole' slobbery kiss. Well there's no actual "smack" involved in the kiss just lips (and drool) right on your face. But you can tell they are doing it on purpose to show us their love. And it just melts my heart every time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

9 Months ago today...

I got the news I would have to check into the hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy. 9 months seems like a long time- it's the length of a full term pregnancy. But it has just flown by! I still remember everything about that day and how I felt. I was so mad that I couldn't go home. Looking back on it now, I am so thankful I checked into the hospital. It bought my babies 22 more days in the womb. I am so grateful to those doctors and nurses that listened to my endless complaints about being "stuck" in the hospital and helped keep me focused on the big picture.

9 months ago...miserable


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fun at the Grandparent's house

This past weekend, the Trenary's watched the babies while Kurt and I had a date night on the town! Kurt and I enjoyed our evening away and I know the babies enjoyed time with their grandparents. Just see how much fun they had.

Sarah helped Grandpa cheer on the Dawgs!

Jake hung out with Uncle Bob

And Luke never made it past the 3rd quarter. He was "dawg" tired. Please excuse the pun!

8 Months...a little delayed

Ok, so I admit it...I'm not perfect! That may come as a shock to some of you, but it is true. The babies are now 8 months, 1 week, and 1 day old and I have not posted their 8 month picture or filled you in on what they are doing. So here is the picture:
Now, onto what they are doing these days...
  • Everyone is still sleeping and eating well. We are feeding them breast milk/formula and stage 2 baby food.
  • The munchkins still sleep through the night (thank goodness) but do not nap as long or as frequently as they used to.
  • All 3 babies can stand (as long as someone is steadying them), can sit supported with a pillow or if we help them lean on their own arms, and can easily roll from their back to their tummy and then onto their back again.
  • All 3 do a roll or crawl motion that can propel them anywhere they want to go although it is not a full crawl yet.
  • All 3 are teething very badly but no teeth have pushed through yet. The babies chew endlessly on anything they can get in their mouths- teething rings, blankets, toys, paper, etc.
  • Also, all 3 are very wiggly during diaper changes now. We've had to start using the belt that comes with the changing table to keep them in place.
  • Another exciting thing all 3 are doing now is babbling. They all babble "ma ma ma ma" or "da da da da" or "ba ba ba ba" but no actual words yet.
  • Their favorite toys right now are their exersaucer, the musical helicopter, & any toys that crinkle (especially the butterfly). It is so neat to see them discovering and learning new things. They are at a stage now where they want to touch and explore everything. They touch our faces a lot and watch our mouths move. You can tell they are trying to learn and imitate. It's so fun!
  • Using our home scale, Sarah weighed in at roughly 19 lbs, Jake 21 1/2 lbs, and Luke 20 lbs. They are growing so fast. I can't wait until their October appointment to get the official length and weight measurements.

Monday, September 6, 2010

8 Months Old

The triplets are 8 months old today! And it's "labor" day too. 8 months ago today I wasn't actually in labor but I had certainly been laboring by living in the hospital on the HRP (High Risk Perinatal) floor and carrying around those 3 wiggly babies. January 6th was such an amazing day. My life was changed forever!

We had a fun labor day weekend! Saturday, Kurt took off with his friend David, my Dad, and my Uncle Bob for the Georgia game. We killed our opponent! My Mom and I stayed in Newnan and took the kids to the pool. On Sunday, Kurt watched the babies while Mom and I went to the pool. Later, Kurt's folks came over and me, Mom, and Mary went to the nail girl time! On Monday, Dad, Elizabeth, Memaw, and Bob came over to visit. It was a busy weekend but everyone (including the babies) had a ball!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sarah's Wild & Crazy Hair

So many people comment on how much hair Sarah has. She does have a lot of hair and it often gets unruly. So here is my ode to Sarah's wild and crazy locks! Love you baby girl!
After bath time.
After another bath time.
First thing in the morning.