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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mr. (& Miss) Clean

Suddenly (as if on cue after turning two) the trio has stepped up their game in the hygiene department.  While they previously protested when we tried to bathe, brush teeth, brush hair, and wash hands, they are now eager to do these things.  I bought a little plastic stool so they could more easily reach the bathroom sink.  Now they fight over the stool and want to be the first to wash their hands.  I have some photographic proof......

Sarah eager to wash hands

Lucas getting in on the action

Jacob patiently waiting for his turn

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Movie night Koenig style

Instead of a drama or romantic comedy, now we watch animated flicks on movie nights in our house.  I snuggle all 3 kiddos on the couch.  It's bliss.  It may not mean much to some people, but to me it's everything.

No room for popcorn

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Lately, I've really wanted to make more of an effort to get together with friends who live close by.  Many of my friends also have kids and I want the triplets to socialize and interact with kids of all ages.  In that spirit, I set up a play-date with my sorority sister and her little girl Kayli (a very advanced 15 months old) for last weekend.  The kids all seemed to get along great and play well together.  I even introduced Carol to "squeaker" shoes.  Then one night this week our next door neighbor's kids who are 4 and 6 came over to visit.  Even though they are a lot older than the triplets everyone still had fun.  And the "big kids" got to show the triplets how to drive the Jeeps we bought them.  I couldn't help but snap a few pics of all the fun!

The whole gang- our trio and the neighbor's two
Jake and Luke watching the action
Luke wants to get in with Ava
Ava driving the "too small" Barbie Jeep

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another vice...

As if Facebook, Blogger, Words with Friends, and Pinterest were not enough...

I have a new addiction.  Instagram.  It's an app. on my phone I can use to edit my photos and give them an edgy or vintage feel.  Another blogger friend reminded me of it and I've been tinkering with old photos all night.  Oh geez....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finally...the cat is out of the bag!

I am no good at keeping secrets.  Especially good secrets.  Now there are a few select serious ones that are locked in the vault.  Those I will carry to my grave.  But the fun secrets just eat away at me until I almost explode.  I've been toting around a fun secret for the past 6 weeks or so.  And now I can finally shout it from the rooftop...
I'm going to be an auntie
August 2012! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Just Checkin' In Doc

The triplets just had their 2 year checkup with the pediatrician.  As usual, Dr. Roberts and all the nurses were very excited to see the trio.  After getting a thorough check, everyone passed with flying colors!  He gave us a questionnaire similar to the one at the 18-month checkup to screen for autism.  Neither Sarah nor Luke had any concerning areas.  Jake had one small area that he is not excelling in and that's climbing and balance.  We expressed our concerns that it doesn't seem like he's on pace with the other two.  The doctor checked his eyes to see if it is a vision issue and checked his ears to see if it is an eardrum issue.  Both were just fine.  The doctor looked at his spine.  Fine. Then he checked his legs and muscles to screen for cerebral palsy.  It is not that either.  So basically the doctor just thinks that Jake is a little clumsy and uncoordinated and that causes him to be more cautious.  We were both relieved that he doesn't have more serious issues.  Here are the kiddos stats:

Sarah: 27lbs 0ozs (50th%) & 32.5 inches (23rd%)
Jacob: 30lbs 6ozs (80th%) & 33 inches (20th%)
Lucas: 28lbs 4ozs (55th%) & 33.25 inches (26th%)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Party Time!

For the trio's party this year we decided to have a Mickey & Minnie themed gathering.  Last year we rented out the neighborhood clubhouse and had 50 or so guests.  While that was a lot of fun, we opted for something much more low-key this year.  Our friend Candi made the shirts for the kids to wear and Aunt MaryBeth made the cake.  We had lots of good food and the kids got some neat presents.  Even though the party was much smaller this year, we were still exhausted by the end of it!
Lucas shows off his mouse ears with Mimi
Sarah had fancy mouse ears (with Nanny)
By the end of the party her ears were drooping
All the yummy food!
The cake
Jakers playing hide & seek

Lucas loved playing with a keychain flashlight

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The trio's actual birthday

On the next post I will post some pics and info about the triplet's birthday party from last Saturday but first I wanted to post some stuff from their actual birthday last Friday.  We started the morning like we do every morning with cereal and fruit. 



Then around lunch time, we sang "Happy Birthday" and gave the trio special birthday cupcakes in their signature colors.

Luke gobbled up EVERY bite!
Sarah is ready to eat her cupcake!
Jake can't wait to dig in!

After lunch, they got all cleaned up and posed for some pics next to a sign announcing it was their birthday.

After naptime we drove up to Grandma and Grandpa Trenary's house where we were treated to a special birthday filet mignon dinner.  It was fantastic!  After dinner Kurt and I ran some last minute errands to get ready for the next day's party.  Mimi and Papa broke out the crayons and gave the kids some time to color before bed.  The kids were exhausted by bedtime and ready to sleep.  We were ready for bed shortly after as we had a big day of celebrating ahead of us.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blog and Children Maintenance Required!

For a while now, I've thought about sprucing up the blog a bit.  I could never get the stupid font to change from the awful magenta color (which matches nothing) so my layout choices were very limited.  But after some research, I found the secret and can now change the font and color at will.  Bring on some new backgrounds!  So I hope you like the changes made.  If you don't, too bad it's MY!  Just kidding. 

Since the blog is getting a makeover, I can now unveil the trio's new looks as well.  I love fresh haircuts.  They actually did really well this time (surprise) at the salon and were all rewarded with lollipops.  Jacob barely uttered a peep and he usually cries the most!  These kids sure keep me on my toes!

Mr Lucas Man

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Years Fun

Georgia has been having some unseasonably warm days lately.  We decided to take advantage of the mild weather and enjoy some time outside over New Years.  The kids had a blast riding their new power wheels, coloring pictures, chasing Lady around the yard, and taking turns in the swing.  We decided to go to our local mexican restaurant on New Year's Eve and later put the kids to bed on time.  They're not really ready yet to stay up late to ring in the New Year.  My Mom gave us an expensive bottle of champagne that her boss had given her.  So Kurt and I pulled out the toasting flutes we've used every year.  Overall, it was a pretty low key holiday.  But that suits us just fine!

Coloring pictures on a sunny day
Lucas's amazing laugh
Jacob the crayon hoarder

Sweet Sarah

Fun on the swing
Even a bungee cord is fun!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

They're watching us!!!

The triplets have seemed the leap forward this month in their development saying words, small phrases, and grasping concepts.  It's so amazing to observe.  What I think is funny (and sometimes alarming) is that they seem to be watching and absorbing every single thing we do and say.  It seems like every day one of them will do or say something that we have never "taught" them.  For example, the other day Sarah brought me a tube of chapstick and showed me how she puts it on her lips.  I've never shown her that.  Then she hands me a tube of lotion and pretends to smooth it on her hands and arms.  I guess she sees me doing it?  Last week we were on the porch and Jacob points up and says "sky".  Maybe he saw sky on tv?  The kids have really been enjoying their new play kitchen since Christmas.  The other day Lucas was "cooking" with a pot on the stove when he took the lid off the pot, sprinkled some pepper in the pot, then replaced the lid.  Amazing!  Later the same day Lucas took my car keys off the table and tried to find a place to put them to start his new jeep.  The kids are literally watching and trying to do everything we do.  Awesome AND frightening!