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Monday, January 9, 2012

New Years Fun

Georgia has been having some unseasonably warm days lately.  We decided to take advantage of the mild weather and enjoy some time outside over New Years.  The kids had a blast riding their new power wheels, coloring pictures, chasing Lady around the yard, and taking turns in the swing.  We decided to go to our local mexican restaurant on New Year's Eve and later put the kids to bed on time.  They're not really ready yet to stay up late to ring in the New Year.  My Mom gave us an expensive bottle of champagne that her boss had given her.  So Kurt and I pulled out the toasting flutes we've used every year.  Overall, it was a pretty low key holiday.  But that suits us just fine!

Coloring pictures on a sunny day
Lucas's amazing laugh
Jacob the crayon hoarder

Sweet Sarah

Fun on the swing
Even a bungee cord is fun!

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