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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Boo at the Zoo and a festival too!

Fall is my absolute most favorite season!  It is also the busiest!  There are so many fun things to do like Georgia football games, visit pumpkin patches, pick apples, dress up for Halloween and more.  I always find myself cramming as much as possible into these fall weekends because there are just not enough of them!

This weekend was no exception.  We planned to see an outdoor movie our neighborhood was coordinating on Friday night, take the kids to their school fall festival on Saturday morning, move appliances from our old house to our new house Saturday afternoon, watch the football game Saturday night, and join some friends at the zoo on Sunday.  We ended up skipping the movie on Friday night but everything else we did!  We are exhausted!  But we had a ball doing it.  More to come next weekend I am sure...

From the kids' school fall festival ~ Every room had arts and crafts or snacks for the kids.  Each had a fall theme like using popcorn and fall confetti to make music shakers, or using Nilla wafers and Hershey Kisses to make acorns.  One project had the kids making spin art with fall colors.  Another project had them using pine-cones to make turkeys.  Some of the rooms even had fun stuff like face painting and balloon animals.

The kids making fall "music" shakers 

Sarah working on some fall art

The trio decorating pumpkins

After all the arts and crafts just some plain old fun!
From Boo at the Zoo ~ The weather was absolutely perfect for a trip to the zoo!  We got there early so it wasn't very crowded.  Most of the animals were out and active so the kiddos had a blast seeing all the animals from their books.  We saw flamingos, parakeets, warthogs, meerkats, a rhino, giraffes, zebras, ostriches, an elephant, a lion, a tiger, monkeys, gorillas, bears, pandas, kangaroos, and more.  The kids haven't stopped talking about it yet!  We visited the zoo with another couple we know from college and their adorable two year old.  Fun, fun, fun!

As Lucas says "mingos!"

Watching the elephant run back to his hideout

They are pretty sure one of these does not belong in the nest

Daddy gives Sarah a boost for a better view

This panda was actually grinning

Too tired to even eat his snack

Friday, October 19, 2012

Try Trikes

The trio is starting to outgrow their Mickey Mouse and firetruck "ride-ons".  They absolutely adore the scooter we got free from Pampers.  So we thought it might be time to look at tricycles for the kids.  We found 3 in excellent shape at the Gwinnett Moms of Multiples Sale and Nana offered to buy them.  Overall, Sarah is doing the best learning to pedal.  The boys still do not have the hang of it but Luke is closer than Jake.  Below are some pics of them riding.  Sorry they are blurry- they were moving too fast to take good pics!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Fun

Despite having colds and ear infections the past few weeks we have still carved out some time for fun.  The last week in September we took the kids over to the Duluth Fall Festival for a little bit.  We enjoyed a funnel cake and a giant turkey leg.  We walked around and checked out all the craft booths.  The kids even got to see my old alma mater's mascot- the Wildcat!  It's great to be close to home again so my kids can participate in these old traditions of my youth!

Lucas tries funnel cake

High Five for the mascot

The nice weather has allowed us to squeeze in many trips to the park.  The kids love it and we like it because it helps get some of their toddler energy out!  Sarah and Lucas had a sweet moment holding hands on our way to the park today.

Holding hands on the way to the park

Sweet babies

We also got the kids' school pictures back.  The photographer did an amazing job!  Where was he when we were in school?!  Ours were never this good!

Group Picture
Sarah Grace
Lucas Richard

Jacob William

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Praise for Potty!

When we started potty training Sarah about 2 months ago we made a chart and let her put smiley face stickers up for each successful potty.  Once we added Lucas to the mix the sticker count grew because there were twice as many bathroom visits.  After we used up the chart we intended to make a new one but just never got around to it.  That was no problem for the kids.  They just started putting stickers on top of stickers on top of stickers.  So this is how it looks today.  We must make a new one when we start training Jake.