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Monday, August 31, 2009

Banos, Banos, Baaaanos!

So today was an interesting day. We had a late afternoon doctor visit and got to see all three wiggling babies. I'll post a separate blog commenting on the visit when I upload the pics. But rest assured everything is great and no, we do not know the genders yet.

Kurt and I decided to go to our favorite mexican place up the street. Everything was going fine for most of the meal. We ordered our favorite dishes (me fajitas) and cheese dip...yummy. As I was scarfing down my 2nd fajita I felt a familiar wave of nausea and stopped eating. This happens to me a lot when I eat so I thought it would pass as usual. Wrong! Suddenly I was completely overcome and I had that moment where I know I'm going to "lose it". Unfortunately there was no time to make it to the bathroom. My dinner plate became the lucky recipient of my partially digested food. Kurt desperately tried to flag down the waiter as neither of us could remember where the bathroom was. Unfortunately, we get the non-english speaking busboy who does not understand "bathroom". Kurt is frantically trying to communicate "bathroom" and I'm trying to yell through rounds of vomiting "banos, banos!". The busboy understood what I was saying and directed me to the fastest route. Mortified, I made my way to the bathroom but by then the majority of the damage was done. Kurt quickly finished his food, paid the bill, and left the waitress a hefty tip. So embarrassing!!!

But not all was lost. Kurt did manage to snag the last few remaining shrimp off the part of my plate I hadn't desecrated. Go Kurt! But it is disappointing to have lost all that good dinner. Plus I'm pretty sure a lot of the water I'd consumed during the day was also lost. Better go fill up my mug and start over!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Our furniture has arrived!

Last weekend we got a great surprise!

Dad and Elizabeth came down to Newnan for lunch. After lunch the four of us headed over to Babies R Us to look around. While there we found the perfect nursery furniture on clearance. While we didn't plan on purchasing furniture this early, we just couldn't pass up the good deal. Dad and Elizabeth surprised us by purchasing the whole set- 3 cribs, a large dresser, and a changing table. Since they didn't have all the pieces in stock, we had to order them from the warehouse. We just got the call everything has arrived!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Growing Pains?

For the past few days I've had some cramping. At first it wasn't too worrisome. But yesterday I started to get concerned. I know most of the time things are "nothing" and go away on their own. But what if it was the one time when "nothing" was actually "something" and I ignored it? So I called the doc. They advised me to put my feet up, rest, and drink lots of water. If it got worse or if the cramping was accompanied by bleeding, I should come into the office. It did not get worse and I have not had any bleeding so I guess things are ok. But the nagging cramping is still there even today. I guess it's just growing pains. Because my belly sure is growing!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Double the doctors, double the fun...not!

Today Kurt and I went to 2 different doctor appointments. The first was at the high risk OB. The second (and seemingly useless) was at the regular OB. We had to wait about an hour to be seen at the first appointment and that annoyed us. If we're on time, shouldn't they be? Finally we got to go back for the ultrasound. The tech doing the scan wasn't terribly friendly and my experience was not as enjoyable as the one 2 weeks ago. She did not do any 3-D pics and did not give us a CD of pics to take home. The printouts she gave us were blurry. But it was nice to see those 3 little wiggle worms and hear everyone's heartbeats. Baby A measured 6.21cm with heart rate 167bpm. Baby B measured 6.86cm with heart rate of 159bpm. Baby C measured 6.97cm with heart rate of 169bpm. And even though it is soooooo early, the tech guessed that A&B are both boys and C is a girl. Only time will tell! After our ultrasound we met with the doctor at the high risk OB. She was super nice and answered all of our questions.

Then we took off for the regular OB's office. The "doc of the day" at the regular OB (since you never see the same one) was Dr. Bassil. Kurt and I were not terribly impressed with him. First of all, he is a Florida Gator. I did try to put that behind us and like him but then he started criticizing my weight. So far I have gained 3 lbs. according to their records. Dr. Bassil told me I need to gain no more than 15 lbs. throughout the whole pregnancy. This is completely contrary to what every doctor has told me thus far. Does he realize I'm having triplets? The babies, placentas, amniotic sacs, increased blood and fluid alone will weigh roughly 25 lbs. WTF??? Luckily I shouldn't have to see him again. I told Kurt no "jorts" wearing Gator is going to deliver our babies! The other OB answered all of our questions and he didn't bother with the doppler because he said it would be too hard to figure which heartbeat belonged to which baby. So he basically did nothing but talk to us.

In 2 weeks I go back to the high risk OB and back to the regular OB in 4 weeks. I made my appointment with Dr. Sharon on that day- sorry Dr. Bassil- we just don't like you!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Moms of Multiples Club

One day early on in the pregnancy I was having a bit of a meltdown. Those first few weeks I often thought to myself "I am never going to be able to do this" and that would send me on quite a downward spiral. Luckily the neighborhood I live in has a community website where people can post on different forums. I created a posting asking women in the neighborhood to respond if they were a mother of multiples or knew of any local organizations I could get involved with. That same day I received several emails putting me in contact with other triplet moms in my area and I was linked with the local Mothers of Multiples Club. On Thursday night they had their monthly meeting (my first) in Peachtree City. There were at least 20 moms there all having been through the same situation. Some were moms of twins and some of triplets. I immediately gravitated toward Anna, Dawn, and Olive. All 3 have triplets. They shared stories of pregnancy, birth, and those first few months home. Their stories were all so different but the message was the same- "You CAN do this". The club even have a huge consignment sale coming up at the end of the month. I see some good deals and some great friends in my future!

Next ultrasound apppointment is on Monday!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A fantastic day!

Today was such a cool day! Yesterday Kurt and I were sitting around the house talking about how much we missed Athens. That motivated us to take a little journey. So we jumped in the car and drove there this morning. We started the day by having brunch at our favorite restaurant Last Resort Grill. Then we drove around downtown checking out our favorite spots. Next we headed to north campus. We got out of the car and walked around Herty Field (where we shared our first kiss and later where Kurt proposed). We got back in the car and drove around campus checking out all the changes they've made. Before we left Athens we picked up a "Big-A" Pokey Stix from Gumby's Pizza. For anyone who doesn't know what Pokey Stix are, just picture a cheese pizza with no marinara. It's just pizza crust, gooey cheese, butter, Parmesan and spices. Delicious! We were headed back toward home but had to make one last stop. FTX bookstore was advertising UGA Snuggies. We love our Snuggies. This whole day was so awesome! And I didn't get sick the whole day- thank you God for the little things : )

Monday, August 3, 2009

A great appointment!

I had such a great appointment at the perinatologist today! Elizabeth met me at the doctor's office as Kurt could not get off work. Hopefully one of these days Kurt can get some time off work and go with me to an appointment. The whole thing took just a little over an hour. The longest part was the ultrasound. But it was also the most fun part! We got to see each little baby. Baby A measured 4.05cm and has a heart rate of 179bpm. Baby B measured 4.43cm and has a heart rate of 171bpm. Baby C measured 4.81cm and has a heart rate of 179bpm. We got to hear all 3 heartbeats- it was so cool! After the ultrasound I met with Dr. Koontz who was super nice. The first picture is of baby C. He/she was shy so they played peek-a-boo and we didn't get a perfect shot. The second picture is of Baby B- a great profile shot. The third picture is of both Babies B and A. Baby B is on the top and is waving to Baby A. Baby A has his/her back turned to the camera but it gives us a great picture of an 11 week old's back! Enjoy the photos. We sure do!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nervous about tomorrow

I wasn't nervous about tomorrow's doctor appointment until today. Now I have managed to psyche myself into a big ole' bundle of nerves. Ultrasound appointments are both scarier and more exciting than regular visits. For a few minutes you get a sneak peek into that little place your babies call home. But if there is a problem, the ultrasound is usually the way the doctors find out. Especially after what happened to us with our last pregnancy, I'm a little anxious to see how things will go. But I am excited to get an update on how big the babies are now. I haven't seen them in 3 weeks. At that visit they were 1.27cm, 1.18cm, & 1.37cm respectively A-C. According to my baby book they will probably be around 2 inches (or 5cm) tomorrow. And they will look more like real babies. I'll post after my appointment. Please keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers. Oh and isn't this onesie cute? Wombmates!