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Monday, August 31, 2009

Banos, Banos, Baaaanos!

So today was an interesting day. We had a late afternoon doctor visit and got to see all three wiggling babies. I'll post a separate blog commenting on the visit when I upload the pics. But rest assured everything is great and no, we do not know the genders yet.

Kurt and I decided to go to our favorite mexican place up the street. Everything was going fine for most of the meal. We ordered our favorite dishes (me fajitas) and cheese dip...yummy. As I was scarfing down my 2nd fajita I felt a familiar wave of nausea and stopped eating. This happens to me a lot when I eat so I thought it would pass as usual. Wrong! Suddenly I was completely overcome and I had that moment where I know I'm going to "lose it". Unfortunately there was no time to make it to the bathroom. My dinner plate became the lucky recipient of my partially digested food. Kurt desperately tried to flag down the waiter as neither of us could remember where the bathroom was. Unfortunately, we get the non-english speaking busboy who does not understand "bathroom". Kurt is frantically trying to communicate "bathroom" and I'm trying to yell through rounds of vomiting "banos, banos!". The busboy understood what I was saying and directed me to the fastest route. Mortified, I made my way to the bathroom but by then the majority of the damage was done. Kurt quickly finished his food, paid the bill, and left the waitress a hefty tip. So embarrassing!!!

But not all was lost. Kurt did manage to snag the last few remaining shrimp off the part of my plate I hadn't desecrated. Go Kurt! But it is disappointing to have lost all that good dinner. Plus I'm pretty sure a lot of the water I'd consumed during the day was also lost. Better go fill up my mug and start over!

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  1. So sorry! No fun! You'll laugh about it soon enough (if you aren't already). And, it is a good blog post to remember the not so good things about pregnancy! I am sure morning sickness, scratch that, all day sickness is triple the pain with three. Hang in there!