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Monday, August 17, 2009

Double the doctors, double the fun...not!

Today Kurt and I went to 2 different doctor appointments. The first was at the high risk OB. The second (and seemingly useless) was at the regular OB. We had to wait about an hour to be seen at the first appointment and that annoyed us. If we're on time, shouldn't they be? Finally we got to go back for the ultrasound. The tech doing the scan wasn't terribly friendly and my experience was not as enjoyable as the one 2 weeks ago. She did not do any 3-D pics and did not give us a CD of pics to take home. The printouts she gave us were blurry. But it was nice to see those 3 little wiggle worms and hear everyone's heartbeats. Baby A measured 6.21cm with heart rate 167bpm. Baby B measured 6.86cm with heart rate of 159bpm. Baby C measured 6.97cm with heart rate of 169bpm. And even though it is soooooo early, the tech guessed that A&B are both boys and C is a girl. Only time will tell! After our ultrasound we met with the doctor at the high risk OB. She was super nice and answered all of our questions.

Then we took off for the regular OB's office. The "doc of the day" at the regular OB (since you never see the same one) was Dr. Bassil. Kurt and I were not terribly impressed with him. First of all, he is a Florida Gator. I did try to put that behind us and like him but then he started criticizing my weight. So far I have gained 3 lbs. according to their records. Dr. Bassil told me I need to gain no more than 15 lbs. throughout the whole pregnancy. This is completely contrary to what every doctor has told me thus far. Does he realize I'm having triplets? The babies, placentas, amniotic sacs, increased blood and fluid alone will weigh roughly 25 lbs. WTF??? Luckily I shouldn't have to see him again. I told Kurt no "jorts" wearing Gator is going to deliver our babies! The other OB answered all of our questions and he didn't bother with the doppler because he said it would be too hard to figure which heartbeat belonged to which baby. So he basically did nothing but talk to us.

In 2 weeks I go back to the high risk OB and back to the regular OB in 4 weeks. I made my appointment with Dr. Sharon on that day- sorry Dr. Bassil- we just don't like you!


  1. Amazing! I cannot believe you are going to have three babies... Kelly!!! What joy, and what chaos! :) They are beautiful.

    I think A&B look like you, and C looks like Kurt! :) LOL!!

    So happy for you. I am going to start stockpiling diapers for you now. So much love to you and Kurt!

    M,J,J & S!

    PS - Dr. Bassil is a nutjob. Move on along, you are right... 15 pounds? (How about 70 with ONE baby??) Please. You gain what you gain... and keep those babies healthy and well listened to Frank Sinatra, Tori Amos and Matchbox 20. They will be just fine!

  2. Kurt says I make a pouty "duck" face when I sleep- it looks like Baby A has pouty lips like me!

  3. I'm so glad I saw your link on Facebook. I am just so happy for you guys! The babies are just perfect!!!