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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A New Blogging Low

I try to squeeze blogging in whenever I can with this crazy life but this is a new experience for even me (hahaha)! I am currently curled up in the corner behind the chair in our hotel room so the kids don't wake up from the light of my screen. See, they are FINALLY napping and I would do anything to keep it that way! This is our 3rd day in a hotel as we transition from our Newnan house to our new house in Hamilton Mill. The kids have not adapted well to sharing a room with Kurt and I. They are difficult to put down for the night & it's nearly impossible to get them to nap. Plus we've been living off fast food and the kids are not used to that either! But the movers are coming in the morning to deliver our furniture and we may actually get to stay in our new home tomorrow night. It's very exciting but this has really been quite an ordeal! More to come...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Highs and Lows

The last few weeks have been exhausting.  Just plain old exhausting.  When you're in the midst of difficult times (similar to how right now I'm sitting amidst all our moving boxes) it is difficult to see just how taxing things are.  At night when I collapse into bed I think the myself "why am I so tired?".  A good friend pointed out that my life has been an emotional roller coaster lately.  We are having some high highs like spending Kristy and Joey's wedding day with them and the excitement of buying our dream house.  On the flip side we are experiencing low lows like the tragic death of a good friend's 21 year-old son. I'm starting a new job, buying a house, selling a house, dealing with all the mortgage hoops, trying to keep the house clean for showings, planning a baby shower, and all the while trying to be a good wife and mother to my little family.  I am praying things settle down soon and for once we can have a little "boring" in our lives.  Fingers crossed.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spring Portraits!

We decided it was time the kids had their pictures made so we loaded them up and took them over to the studio near our house.  Within minutes of starting, Jake had a total meltdown and I thought we would have to scrap the pics for the day.  But we let another family go ahead of us and allowed Jake time to calm down.  The second try went much better and we really got some good ones.

Sweet Jakers

Sweet Sarah

Beach Babies


Pretend Picnic

Little stinker

What is really looked like

Thursday, June 7, 2012

To pee or not to pee?

A few days ago I walked in the door (after a long commute home from work) and plunked down, exhausted from a long day.  All I wanted to do was relax when Lucas came right up to me and said "Lucas go potty".  I was stunned by this as we hadn't even started training yet.  The plan was to wait until after we move to the new house in a couple of weeks.  But you don't just brush off a toddler asking to go to the potty so we took him into the bathroom to see what he would do.  We instructed him to take off his shorts and diaper which he did totally on his own.  Then we tried to sit him on the potty but he didn't like it.  We finally got him to sit on his little training potty but nothing happened.  It would have been cool if he'd gone pee his first time but we were still super proud of what he did on the first attempt.  Stay tuned....more potty training adventures to come!

Also...a funny story with Sarah.

The kids were tucked in bed and Kurt and I were standing in the hall at the bottom of the stairs.  Sarah opened the door a crack and started fussing like she wanted out.  Kurt looked at me and said "it's your turn to go tuck her back in".  I didn't want to do it so I said "she'll be fine and she'll go back to bed on her own".  Kurt looked at me skeptically and said "she's standing at the door".  We then heard Sarah's little voice exclaim "yeah, I'm at the door!"  We both burst out laughing.  We had no idea she could hear us!

Friday, June 1, 2012

I promised some pool pics & here they are.  Last year the kids were a little timid of the water.  But not this year!

Sarah enjoying a drink poolside

The boys wearing their towel ponchos

Posing with Nana

Taking a break in the shade



He shoots!

Sarah and Mommy