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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poor sickie babies

We have been so blessed these past nearly 2 1/2 years that the triplets have had very few colds and other ailments.  It started off in the NICU.  They are the only 3 preemies I've ever heard of to dodge both jaundice and reflux!  Then Kurt caught the swine flu and somehow the babies avoided it too.  They've only had a couple of colds and 2 stomach viruses.  That's pretty good in toddler world.  But all three are sick right now and it's just pitiful.  Sarah and Jake both have very hoarse voices so they sound so small when they talk, whimper, or cry.  Kurt took them off to the doctor this morning and the doctor checked for strep and ear infection but thankfully it's none of those.  So fingers crossed this is just a cold and they will be back to normal in a few days.  I'll keep everyone posted.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Great Outdoors!

The early spring this year may have deprived the trio of their first ever snow day but they are not letting that slow them down.  They are making the most of the warm weather as we wrap up May and head into June.  We've been going to the park frequently and have gone to the pool twice now too.  We also went to Blake and Addison's birthday party (twins from the SMOMC group) and hung out with the animals at the petting zoo.  This coming weekend we are planning to have a play-date with some of my sorority sisters and their kids.  Chantal and Charlotte are here from Vancouver so we always make it a point to visit with them when they are here.  This month has flown by and we are moving to Gwinnett in just a couple weeks!

Lucas on the slide

Jaker Man
Sarah on the tire swing
Sarah and Jake find a bunny
Jake and Luke are spying some hidden animals
"Booney" soft!
Sarah helps Daddy feed the goats

Saturday, May 19, 2012

PCB Baby!

Last Friday morning we set off for 5 days in Panama City Beach, Florida.  Last year was the first year we organized the Koenig-Robinson-Satterfield vacation.  This year was round two and even more fun than last year! We arrived at the beach around noon.  After getting checked in and getting some lunch, Kurt volunteered to stay in the condo and put the kids down for a nap while everyone else headed down to the beach.  It was great because we got a solid half day out there before heading back up to the condo.  We all got ready and went out to eat at a place called Salt Water Grill.  They have a huge floor to ceiling aquarium there so it's good food and something neat to look at. 

The next morning was Saturday and we had a family breakfast.  In total there are 19 of us!  It was raining in the morning so we lounged around the condo.  After lunch the sun came out again so we got another half day down at the beach.  Sarah and Jake stayed behind to nap.  But Luke refused to nap so we took him to the beach with us.  Soon after he got to the beach he crashed sprawled out on a chair under the umbrella.  For dinner that night we went out to my favorite place...Pompano's!  But Luke was super fussy from the weird nap he took so I had to hold him the entire meal.  Not fun!

Luke's nap on the beach chair
Luke pleading to be held thoughout dinner

The next morning we enjoyed another family breakfast as it was Mother's Day!  Kurt gave me a charm bracelet with the kids' pictures on it.  It was perfect!  I gave my mom a big surprise when I gave her a combo Mother's Day/Birthday gift of concert tickets to see Madonna at Phillips Arena! Again the rain delayed us until the afternoon for going out to the beach. Luke decided to stay in with Kurt and I took Sarah and Jake down to the beach and they had a ball!  For dinner we all went out to a restaurant I had never tried called Boar's Head.  It came highly recommended but it was not that good.  Lesson learned.

The sweet charm bracelet
Aqua Man!

Splashing in the water

The following morning was Monday and we finally had some nice weather right from the start.  We got to enjoy a whole day down at the beach.  We brought an inflatable pool so the kids could play in it filled with ocean water.  We were pretty sure none of them would want to actually get in the ocean.  But Sarah proved us wrong on that too.  She loved the water!  That evening my Mom and her friend Devon volunteered to stay in the condo and watch the kids so Kurt and I could have a dinner alone.  We went to our favorite place (Captain Jack's) for the giant crab legs...yummy yummy!  Then he and I went to see the new movie Avengers.  We ended up walking along the beach and then sitting by the water talking for awhile.  It was a great night.

Kids playing in their beach pool

Sarah walking the beach with her Nanny
Our last morning there was Tuesday.  We had to pack everything up and check out of our room early but we weren't ready to leave.  We moved all our stuff to Nanny & Pa's condo since they were staying the whole week.  That gave us a few extra hours to enjoy the beach.  Once we did get on the road toward home, it was pretty smooth sailing.  That is of course until the last 50 or so miles.  With less than an hour to go, we blew a tire on our minivan.  Kurt had to change the tire with very little between him and the busy interstate.  There was not much of a shoulder on the spot we had to stop.  Kurt got the spare tire put on and we were back on the road although neither of us wanted to drive over 55mph.  Lucas had lost all patience with traveling by this time and cried/screamed the rest of the way home.  Needless to say we were beyond exhausted by the time we got home.  But it really was a great trip.  I'm already counting down the days until next year!

Oh so tired!

Pure exhaustion!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Please Vote For Us!

I thought it might be fun to enter the "Top 25 Moms of Multiples" contest.  Currently we are near the bottom but we just started.  So if you love reading this blog (and I know you do), then vote for us.  Just click on this link and scroll down to find us:

You can vote once per day.  Thanks!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Houston...we have a contract!

It's official.  Bank of America finally got their butts in gear and got us a contract!  We are planning to purchase a beautiful 4700 square foot (that is not a misprint) bank foreclosed home in Hamilton Mill.  It is roughly the same price as what we paid for our current home and more than twice the size!  It has 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, a full finished basement and fenced in backyard.  We are trying to close in 30 days.  Fingers crossed!  More to come!

The picture I took... I never trust Realtor photos!

The stock Realtor photo

The beautiful family room

The awesome kitchen

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Disappointment turned fun!

At this past consignment sale I spotted an Elmo sprinkler and instantly knew I wanted it for the kids.  The triplets are absolutely enamoured with anything Elmo!  The only problem was that it was $10 and I'm super cheap so I didn't buy it.  For three days I watched it hoping the price would somehow magically change.  But it didn't.  And obviously everyone else thought it to be overpriced as well so it sat on the table untouched.  As we closed up the sale I asked the sale coordinator if she recognized the consignor number thinking if they were another club member they may cut me a deal.  The coordinator did not recognize the number but she said it was among the stuff to be donated to charity.  She said she didn't see anything wrong with my family being the charity.  Jackpot!  The sprinkler was mine.  I brought it home from the sale and stashed it in the garage just waiting for a warm sunny day to use it.  That day was last Saturday.  It was sunny with a high near 90 degrees.  So I dressed the kids in their bathing suits and unboxed the sprinkler.  As Kurt and I were hooking it up we realized it was broken.  I was crushed!  The kids were disappointed because they wanted to play with Elmo.  Thankfully we were able to rig it up so that it was at least usable but no dancing Elmo.  The kids had a blast with it.  They didn't care one bit!