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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Disappointment turned fun!

At this past consignment sale I spotted an Elmo sprinkler and instantly knew I wanted it for the kids.  The triplets are absolutely enamoured with anything Elmo!  The only problem was that it was $10 and I'm super cheap so I didn't buy it.  For three days I watched it hoping the price would somehow magically change.  But it didn't.  And obviously everyone else thought it to be overpriced as well so it sat on the table untouched.  As we closed up the sale I asked the sale coordinator if she recognized the consignor number thinking if they were another club member they may cut me a deal.  The coordinator did not recognize the number but she said it was among the stuff to be donated to charity.  She said she didn't see anything wrong with my family being the charity.  Jackpot!  The sprinkler was mine.  I brought it home from the sale and stashed it in the garage just waiting for a warm sunny day to use it.  That day was last Saturday.  It was sunny with a high near 90 degrees.  So I dressed the kids in their bathing suits and unboxed the sprinkler.  As Kurt and I were hooking it up we realized it was broken.  I was crushed!  The kids were disappointed because they wanted to play with Elmo.  Thankfully we were able to rig it up so that it was at least usable but no dancing Elmo.  The kids had a blast with it.  They didn't care one bit!

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  1. So glad you didn't pay $10 for it!!! :) We have that sprinkler too! Landon played with it last year and really enjoyed it. I'm glad your kids were easily entertained with just the running water! :)