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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Great Outdoors!

The early spring this year may have deprived the trio of their first ever snow day but they are not letting that slow them down.  They are making the most of the warm weather as we wrap up May and head into June.  We've been going to the park frequently and have gone to the pool twice now too.  We also went to Blake and Addison's birthday party (twins from the SMOMC group) and hung out with the animals at the petting zoo.  This coming weekend we are planning to have a play-date with some of my sorority sisters and their kids.  Chantal and Charlotte are here from Vancouver so we always make it a point to visit with them when they are here.  This month has flown by and we are moving to Gwinnett in just a couple weeks!

Lucas on the slide

Jaker Man
Sarah on the tire swing
Sarah and Jake find a bunny
Jake and Luke are spying some hidden animals
"Booney" soft!
Sarah helps Daddy feed the goats

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