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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poor sickie babies

We have been so blessed these past nearly 2 1/2 years that the triplets have had very few colds and other ailments.  It started off in the NICU.  They are the only 3 preemies I've ever heard of to dodge both jaundice and reflux!  Then Kurt caught the swine flu and somehow the babies avoided it too.  They've only had a couple of colds and 2 stomach viruses.  That's pretty good in toddler world.  But all three are sick right now and it's just pitiful.  Sarah and Jake both have very hoarse voices so they sound so small when they talk, whimper, or cry.  Kurt took them off to the doctor this morning and the doctor checked for strep and ear infection but thankfully it's none of those.  So fingers crossed this is just a cold and they will be back to normal in a few days.  I'll keep everyone posted.

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