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Friday, April 27, 2012

There will be swings!

Last year at this time this triplets were just learning to walk solidly.  They were not all that interested in playing outside or going to the park.  Fast forward to this year and all we hear are cries to go outside.  The kids will even bring their shoes (like a dog with a leash) over to you to put on as a hint they want to go outside.  Several friends and neighbors have swing-sets and we have an awesome park in our neighborhood so the kids love to climb, swing, and slide.  I know what we're going to have to buy first when we move to the new house.  I just hope we can find a nice one secondhand!

Jake loving the swing

Luke is a pro on the slide

Sarah riding on the glider with our neighbor


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just Be Silly

Sometimes you just gotta cut loose and be silly.  With so much stress and uncertainty in our lives right now it just feels good to be silly. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lessons from birds

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight."  Proverbs 3: 5-6

I believe with all my heart and soul that God always has our best interests in mind.  He knows all and the plan He puts in place has perfect timing.  So why do we continue to doubt Him even when He proves this to us time after time?  I wish I knew.  I spend far too much time worrying about how things will turn out.  If the path or destination and the timeline is a mystery to me I will stress and worry myself into a fit.  And yet God always provides.  And my worry has never achieved a thing. 

I got a reminder of this over the past few weeks.  A month or so ago, a brown sparrow laid 5 eggs in a nest she had made in a wreath on our front door.   About 2 weeks later the eggs hatched.  Unfortunately one egg fell out of the nest and was crushed and another just never progressed.  Of the 5 eggs, 3 of them actually produced baby birds.  It was such a blessing for our family to watch the circle of life unfold.

The day the birds hatched
At first, the three baby birds were just fuzz balls.  But they grew quickly and began to create quite a problem.  We were getting our house ready to put on the market and really did not want this big messy problem on our front door.  So we stressed over how to handle it.  We didn't want to harm the birds but they needed to go.  And then, the day we listed our house for sale...the birds flew away.  At just 18 days old the birds were ready to leave the nest and live their own lives.  We worried for nothing.  God knew what He was doing.

Thanks for the reminder, God.  Maybe next time I will trust more and worry less.

The 3 hatched birds began to grow but there was one dud

Growing...but still so small

The birds are hungry!

Day 17: the day before they left the nest

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My 2T Little Girl

Before Kurt and I even got married, we decided we wanted kids someday.  Shortly after we started "trying" for a baby I was out shopping and a dress caught my attention.  It was a red and black plaid Georgia dress.  I immediately liked it but when I saw the matching paw print bloomers I was sold.  They only had size 2T and 3T in stock so I would have to get the smallest size.  I purchased the dress, secretly hoping out first child would be a girl. 

When we got pregnant with Leyna, I would sometimes pull out the dress and imagine my little girl wearing it.  After Leyna was gone, I couldn't even stand to look at the dress.  Beyond the immediate sharp pain of losing a baby, is a lingering dull ache...for the things that might have been.  During pregnancy you dream of what your child will be like, look like, sound like, and more.  You think of them beyond infancy and into childhood and eventually adulthood.  And when they are gone, those dreams go with them. 

Thankfully, we were lucky enough to eventually have the family we longed for.  And one of those precious children is our 2 year old daughter Sarah.  While cleaning out boxes for our upcoming move, I found the dress that had been packed away.  And now that we have a beautiful 2T little girl, I thought it was time life came full circle.  And another dream was realized. 
Sweet girl
Thoughtful girl
Funny girl

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Busy Bees

One of my favorite sayings...

"I've been busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest"

Now I know that's not politically correct but it is a good way to summarize how busy we have been the past couple weeks.  We have had contractors, movers, agents, etc. coming through our house like a revolving door.  It seems like there's some new stranger in the house every day.  We are desperately trying to get one house ready to put on the market and simultaneously looking for another house to move to.  I will be so happy when all of this is behind us.

If that wasn't enough to keep us busy, we've also been to a friend's wedding in Dahlonega,

The old high school gang (missing a few though)

Enjoying a night on our own

hatched a nest of baby birds,

The nest the first day the eggs hatched

hosted Easter at our house (pics in the prior post) and attended Aaron Hagan's 1st birthday!

Jake riding along

Luke playing police officer

Sarah enjoying her ride
The Deepher times have changed!

Thankfully we all seem to be over being sick now.  So maybe we can get all this move stuff squared away and enjoy the summer!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun!

Sorry about the lack of blogging lately.  We have been so busy around here preparing for the move!  But I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a happy Easter and to share some pics from the fun Triplet Acres.  The kids absolutely LOVED hunting eggs in the yard.  I will post more of our adventures soon. 

All 3 enjoying their loot!
Sarah guards her bucket
Luke checks it all out
What a lovely hat
Jake finds the jelly beans inside