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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beach Babies

At the end of April (2 weeks earlier than usual) we took our annual beach trip to Panama City Beach, Florida.  When the trio was 4 month old they just lay like lumps.  A year later when they were 1 1/4 they did not care for the sand very much.  A year after that at 2 1/4 they liked it but I could tell they were just along for the ride.  But this year was very different.  The kids are 3 1/4 and they just had the best time.  We swam every day and built sandcastles on the beach every day too.  Two years ago we got a tip to bring a little pool down to the beach to fill with water since the kids are too young for the ocean.  That was the highlight of the trip!

At night we ventured out to the local restaurants for delicious fresh seafood.  And the weather was so warm and beautiful there.  I swear sometimes I think I could just pack up and move to the beach.  No one wanted to leave on departure day but I promised the kids we could spend lots of weekends this summer at the neighborhood pool and that seemed to pacify them.  The kids were so good all the way home in the van.  We only had small meltdowns at dinner and that was near the end of the journey.  So proud of my babies!

The inflatable pool was a hit!

Building a sand castle with Mimi

Swimming with Daddy & Papa

Sarah and Lucas being so brave and swimming solo

By day 3 even Jake was swimming solo

Two boys who DO NOT want to leave the pool

The busy days caused lots of solid naps!