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Friday, September 28, 2012

The WORST part of being mommy

So I will forewarn anyone reading this.  This is going to be a complainer post.  I typically try to be upbeat & positive when posting about the life and times of the trio because most of you don't want to hear the crappy stuff!  But rest assured this journey is not all hearts and flowers.  There are crappy days!  Many.

The day after I returned from Florida I got a scratchy throat and a cough.  Over the next 5 days that escalated to full-on fever, ear ache, nasal congestion, jaw pain, coughing, and a sore throat.  I just could not be more miserable.  And unfortunately when you are the mommy of 3 active toddlers you just have to push through.  There are no "sick days" from being mommy.  I just want to put on some sweats, eat some homemade stew, and watch Lifetime movies from my bed all day. I did finally go to the doctor for meds after using OTC remedies for several days so I am on the good stuff now.  The other bad part is Sarah has been recovering from a cold, Kurt has had a touch of a cold, and now Jacob has a stomach virus with vomiting and diarrhea.  Needless to say our house is a den of sickness right now.  Visitors be ware!  

I didn't realize how much this sickness had given all five of us some "cabin fever" as well.  Tonight Kurt decided to take Lucas to go pick up my meds from the pharmacy and suddenly Jake comes flying down the stairs shouting "Jake ready too, Jake ready too".  He pitched a fit to go to the store too so we decided to all go.  While out we went to the local Chinese place for supper.  I can't remember the last time I've sat down at a Chinese restaurant in lieu of take-out.  It was really nice.  The kids had fun and the waitress slipped them a handful of extra fortune cookies.  I think the outing was good for everyone's mood.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last Minute Beach Trip

Most vacations require weeks or months of planning.  I honestly can never think of a trip that we put together this last-minute.  But somehow it all came together and Sarah and I got to spend some unexpected time relaxing in the Florida sun.  Kurt and the boys spent some quality time together at home.  We had beautiful weather the whole trip.  We ate some amazing seafood. Sarah had a ball with all the extra attention.  She has become quite the shoe thief "borrowing" everyone's shoes. And just like her mommy in younger days, Sarah found a beach romance the 2nd day.  And then a 2nd beach boyfriend the 3rd day.  She works fast!  It was a short trip but we made lots of memories.

Sarah loved building sandcastles
There were so many shells to collect
Toes in the water...buns in the sand
Tired girl

Beach Boyfriend Aidan
Hugs for Aidan

Very seriously tying the laces on the shoes

Wearing Diana's toe-shoes

Hugs from Beach Boyfriend #2

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Best Seat in the House...

To watch the Dawgs play...and it's all mine.  

The best seat in the house

We have season tickets to the football games in Athens.  But my favorite seat to watch is with my hubby and my babies.  Since it was a non-conference game we let my folks take 2 friends to the game with our tickets.  And we had a tailgate for five.

Jake loves football

Sarah gets snuggly


Friday, September 7, 2012

For all you blogger-faithful I am sorry we are not posting more.  It's not that we aren't doing lots of fun stuff...we are maybe doing too much fun stuff!  Life has not slowed down a bit since moving back to Gwinnett.  Our weekends are packed full of pool time, play-dates, birthday parties, family visits, unpacking (still), house projects, and more.  Add in Kurt's job hunting and me studying for a continuing education exam and you have got a completely full plate.  But it's all stuff that makes our lives better and prepares us for the future.  So we forge ahead!

Potty update!  Sarah is doing amazing!  She is no longer having any accidents.  In fact, now she wants to do it all herself and refuses my help.  She has gone from "nothing at all" to "mommy I can do it myself" in just a few weeks.  Lucas has been a little slower.  We started with him 2 weeks ago and he has just now actually started going in the potty.  We were completely accident free today.  Victory!  Jake is showing some interest and even sitting on the potty for awhile at a time.  But no success there yet.  Stay tuned.

The kids are still loving preschool.  They are learning so much and the teacher sent a note home that she is impressed with how well they know their ABCs, numbers, and colors.  When Kurt goes back to work the kids will be in a combo of preschool and daycare full-time.  I'm glad to know they love it so much.  That should really help the transition!

Sweet Jakers

Just call her Ruby

Ready for school
Taking Kayli for a ride on our new scooter

The future of kids...same room and still texting!

BFF...Kayli & Sarah