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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last Minute Beach Trip

Most vacations require weeks or months of planning.  I honestly can never think of a trip that we put together this last-minute.  But somehow it all came together and Sarah and I got to spend some unexpected time relaxing in the Florida sun.  Kurt and the boys spent some quality time together at home.  We had beautiful weather the whole trip.  We ate some amazing seafood. Sarah had a ball with all the extra attention.  She has become quite the shoe thief "borrowing" everyone's shoes. And just like her mommy in younger days, Sarah found a beach romance the 2nd day.  And then a 2nd beach boyfriend the 3rd day.  She works fast!  It was a short trip but we made lots of memories.

Sarah loved building sandcastles
There were so many shells to collect
Toes in the water...buns in the sand
Tired girl

Beach Boyfriend Aidan
Hugs for Aidan

Very seriously tying the laces on the shoes

Wearing Diana's toe-shoes

Hugs from Beach Boyfriend #2

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