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Thursday, April 19, 2012

My 2T Little Girl

Before Kurt and I even got married, we decided we wanted kids someday.  Shortly after we started "trying" for a baby I was out shopping and a dress caught my attention.  It was a red and black plaid Georgia dress.  I immediately liked it but when I saw the matching paw print bloomers I was sold.  They only had size 2T and 3T in stock so I would have to get the smallest size.  I purchased the dress, secretly hoping out first child would be a girl. 

When we got pregnant with Leyna, I would sometimes pull out the dress and imagine my little girl wearing it.  After Leyna was gone, I couldn't even stand to look at the dress.  Beyond the immediate sharp pain of losing a baby, is a lingering dull ache...for the things that might have been.  During pregnancy you dream of what your child will be like, look like, sound like, and more.  You think of them beyond infancy and into childhood and eventually adulthood.  And when they are gone, those dreams go with them. 

Thankfully, we were lucky enough to eventually have the family we longed for.  And one of those precious children is our 2 year old daughter Sarah.  While cleaning out boxes for our upcoming move, I found the dress that had been packed away.  And now that we have a beautiful 2T little girl, I thought it was time life came full circle.  And another dream was realized. 
Sweet girl
Thoughtful girl
Funny girl

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