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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Moms of Multiples Club

One day early on in the pregnancy I was having a bit of a meltdown. Those first few weeks I often thought to myself "I am never going to be able to do this" and that would send me on quite a downward spiral. Luckily the neighborhood I live in has a community website where people can post on different forums. I created a posting asking women in the neighborhood to respond if they were a mother of multiples or knew of any local organizations I could get involved with. That same day I received several emails putting me in contact with other triplet moms in my area and I was linked with the local Mothers of Multiples Club. On Thursday night they had their monthly meeting (my first) in Peachtree City. There were at least 20 moms there all having been through the same situation. Some were moms of twins and some of triplets. I immediately gravitated toward Anna, Dawn, and Olive. All 3 have triplets. They shared stories of pregnancy, birth, and those first few months home. Their stories were all so different but the message was the same- "You CAN do this". The club even have a huge consignment sale coming up at the end of the month. I see some good deals and some great friends in my future!

Next ultrasound apppointment is on Monday!

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  1. That's so great you found a group to bond with. It's so important to have the support of people who are going through or have gone through the same thing as you—especially when it's as unique as having triplets!