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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

They're watching us!!!

The triplets have seemed the leap forward this month in their development saying words, small phrases, and grasping concepts.  It's so amazing to observe.  What I think is funny (and sometimes alarming) is that they seem to be watching and absorbing every single thing we do and say.  It seems like every day one of them will do or say something that we have never "taught" them.  For example, the other day Sarah brought me a tube of chapstick and showed me how she puts it on her lips.  I've never shown her that.  Then she hands me a tube of lotion and pretends to smooth it on her hands and arms.  I guess she sees me doing it?  Last week we were on the porch and Jacob points up and says "sky".  Maybe he saw sky on tv?  The kids have really been enjoying their new play kitchen since Christmas.  The other day Lucas was "cooking" with a pot on the stove when he took the lid off the pot, sprinkled some pepper in the pot, then replaced the lid.  Amazing!  Later the same day Lucas took my car keys off the table and tried to find a place to put them to start his new jeep.  The kids are literally watching and trying to do everything we do.  Awesome AND frightening!

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