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Monday, March 29, 2010

We can leave the house!

Kurt and I have been a little nervous about taking the babies out of the house. First, it has been cold and flu season and we didn't want to expose the babies to a lot of germs unnecessarily. Second, we weren't sure we'd be able to handle them if they all started crying at once. But we decided to take them to Duluth to spend some time with my extended family. I was especially excited for the trips to get to meet their great-aunt Marybeth and great-uncle Derick and their children Drew and Zane. Derick was hospitalized with a growth on his brain back around Thanksgiving. He underwent several surgeries and has been on a long road to recovery. They weren't able to come out and see the babies. So I was extra excited for this opportunity to visit!

Later we visited with Dad and Elizabeth and even took the babies out to Frontera for dinner. Jake and Sarah slept through most of the meal. Luke didn't sleep but he also didn't make a peep. He was too fascinated with all the sights and sounds. This was the first true "sit-down" restaurant we've taken the kids to and it went fine. We still get lots of stares and lots of questions from strangers. But we're used to it.

Now that we've proven we can handle the babies out in public we are going to try a real adventure. We've decided to take a family vacation to the beach for Memorial Day. The babies will be nearly 5 months old. It's our tradition to go away for Memorial Day every year but we weren't sure we would go this year because of the babies. But we decided to give it a shot. So we'll be loading up the mini van and heading south! I'm sure we'll have some great stories.

This Friday is a big day coming up. It's technically their 2 month checkup (although they will be 3 months old a week from this Wednesday) and the pediatricians first look at them since that first visit right after they were born. It will be good to hear his thoughts on their growth and development compared with other babies their age. As of today Sarah weighs 10lbs. 9ozs. Jake weighs 12 lbs. 15ozs. Luke weighs 10lbs. 14ozs. I have lots of questions. Although the babies will have the get immunizations. Uggggg. I hope I'm not too traumatized!

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