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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Other people's sad news

I'm feeling a little blue today. Two different friends had sad news to share and both have affected me deeply. The first was an update on the deteriorating condition of Kristy's sister-in-law Sandy. About a week and a half ago Sandy had a brain aneurysm and has been hospitalized and unconscious since that time. She had surgery to try and repair the damage but it appears the doctors are fighting a losing battle. Everything about the situation is sad but to me the saddest thing is the two 18 month old twin boys she would be leaving behind. Sandy fought so hard to hold on to those boys and to even get them here after a difficult pregnancy. She fought hard to keep them alive as they spent months in the NICU. Everyone is still praying for a miracle but are realistic about the situation.

The second friend who shared sad news today told me she just found out she has lost the twins she was carrying. This is the second friend in 2 weeks I know who has lost their multiple pregnancy. Both times the story is the same. They go into the doctor's office for a scan and the doctor can detect no fetal heartbeat. This is pretty much what happened to Kurt and I during our first pregnancy. No warning. No signs. Just I'm sorry they are gone. The friends are both members of the same infertility forum I belong to. I've developed close friendships with many of the women on the forum. We've shared many ups and downs. I was so happy for both friends when they became pregnant. Both have long struggled with infertility. I was elated to find out they were both having multiples like me. Now I'm just so sad their babies are gone. When I heard the news I felt like I was back in time. I felt like I was sitting there listening to my doctor tell me our baby was gone. I was hurt, angry, and stunned. Later I just felt empty and broken. I pray for peace and healing for these women. I wouldn't wish the pain they're feeling on my worst enemy. And although as of my last appointment the triplets were as perfect as can be, there's still a little part of me that fears that we could again know that awful pain.

So please today pray for Sandy and her family. Please pray for the 2 women mourning the lost of their babies. And please pray for the continued health and development of our triplets. Thank you.


  1. Correct me if I'm wrong Kelly, one of the women your Forum is me. I am still very blessed knowing I am still carrying Twins. Baby C just wasn't strong enough to keep up with his sister and brother. That's ok. He needed to go to sleep and find a new home one day. I just hope he blesses one of our infertile friends with his beautiful life.
    your Triplets are growing beautifully! I'm sure everything will work out perfectly for you. I can't wait to meet them :)


  2. The gals in my post are Stacy and Squeezybear. Stacy had just found out that day- Squeezybear a few days before. But between you, Stacy, Squeezy, and Gypsi all losing babies in the past week or so it has made me so scared. I know I need to stay positive but it's hard sometimes. I am so, so so, happy your little twins are healthy and growing. Expecting multiples is so exciting!