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Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby Showers

Ok I promised I'd update about the fun baby showers I've had in the last 2 weeks. The first was an awesome party planned by Meredith MacKenzie. My sorority sisters came from all over Georgia and a few from out of state- Dana from Delaware and Megan from Virginia. We even got 9 month preggers Chantal to Skype into the shower from Vancouver! It was like she was really there. We played a couple fun games- name the baby food (gross) and a quiz about this blog. I found out so many of my sistas read the blog! We got so many neat gifts. I love you gals. Here's a group shot and a pic of Mee Jean and I with our big bellies. Well, mine is big. Isn't it funny she and I are due at roughly the same time?! She's having a little boy.

This past weekend Elizabeth hosted a shower at her house. We had yummy food and lots of laughs. Kurt came along for part of the shower and helped open a few gifts. It was great to have Dad and Elizabeth's friends and family celebrate with us. Kurt's mom Mary also brought some of her good friends, one lady we hadn't seen since the wedding. It was fun to get caught up with everyone. Below is a pic of me opening a gift from Kurt's Aunt Ginny. The other is a pic of the cake that had all the babies initials on it. It was so creative!!
Here is a photo from our dining room where we've been stacking the gifts from our showers. I think we need to get a bigger house for all the gifts. We've been so blessed by all our family and friends. Thank you everyone who had a hand in putting together such amazing baby showers. Kurt and I are so thankful.

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