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Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Trio's 3rd Birthday

Today the trio turned 3 years old.  Wow, that sounds like a huge milestone.  But I know in the blink of an eye I will turn around and they will be 5 and starting kindergarten.  And on and on.

Around lunch time we met up with Nana, Pa, and Nanny for a birthday lunch at Chili's.  It took two hours (and made the kids cranky) but we still had fun.  Later, Mimi, Papa, Memaw, and Bob came over for dinner.  More gifts, more fun, and more sugar.

By bedtime the kids were tired and cranky.  But mercifully they went to bed easily and I haven't heard a peep since.

I thought it would be fun to make pictures of the kids then and now.  What a difference 3 years makes.

Sarah Grace

Jacob William

Lucas Richard

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  1. Happy Birthday to those precious little trips!! I love the side-by-sides! They grow up so fast!!