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Monday, January 14, 2013

All Smiles For The Dentist

Kurt is not your average Dad.  He laughs in the face of a challenge.  He is SUPER Dad.  The kids had a dentist appointment (their first) and he volunteered to take the three of them by himself.  Some fathers don't even want to be left alone to care for their children for an hour let alone load them up and haul them all to the dentist.  But he did it.  And thankfully the kids were well-behaved and enjoyed their first visit.  All 3 had x-rays taken, their teeth cleaned and polished, and a fluoride treatment.  At the end they were rewarded with goodie-bags of toothbrushes, stickers, toys and they even got a balloon.  The doctor said all three looked fantastic.  The only concern is to keep an eye on Sarah's thumb-sucking.  We may need to start intervening if she is not giving it up naturally.  She's already starting to get an overbite.

Jakers being very brave

Sarah holding her prized goodie-bag

Lucas says "aaaahhhhh"


  1. Hi Kelly, Greeting from Singapore! I am soooooooo thrilled to read thru yr blog about The Koening Triplets. Bet me, I browse thru all the pictures that you hv posted for umpteen times. They are all beyond beautiful. How blessed you are & DH! I read thru all for hours & amazed how fast they have grown. I wish I can squeeze them & hug them!

    Well, I forget to tell you I found you via fertilityties until I was too engrossed looking at your kiddos. I almost teared reading thru...

    i feel so much for you & decided to share my 1st IVF cycle with you. (i hope the last). I started it on 19 Feb 2013. I have my ER on 4 Mar 2013.

    On 6 Mar 2013, I had undergone ET. My mil accompanied me for ET as DH was on biz trip. Unfortunately DH can't witness the precious moment of embryos transferring. Trust me, the whole process was so real! I were given a picture of 2 embryos. So cute!

    Here's my fert report. We had total 14 eggs. There are 8 were mature & injected, of which 7 has fertilized & growing well. We transferred 2 embryos which are grade 4. The remaining 5 are grade 3 & frozen. Doc was so pleased & praised for my good result. My lining & wombs are prefect. I am freaking pleased. So now we all depending on GOD's blessing. Please grant me my wish GOD!

    I stayed up with my parents-in-law for the entire day. The whole day I was feeling so bloated. I Couldn't walk much, just sitting & lying down.

    Hey I feel good!!!

    I wish you The Koening thriplets a smooth & healthy journey ahead. Thank you for sharing your journey with me! I hope I can share mine with you... Please pray for me for the BFP!!!!

    With lots of loves- Jetaime Goh

  2. Brave little kids! It’s great that you have trained them to have good oral hygiene at an early age. They might not really understand the pros and cons of it, but still, getting them to look out for their teeth is a great start.

    Weston Wadlington

  3. Your kids are troopers. It’s good that they’re not afraid of going to the dentist, as it might present problems in the future when they have actual dental emergencies and are too afraid to go visit one. If she were younger, I would’ve suggested putting something on the finger that she doesn’t like so that she will associate it with thumb-sucking, but I don’t think that would work anymore at her age.

    Your Caring Dentist

  4. That’s good news! Although that thumb-sucking can be a problem if you don’t find a way to stop it. Has she stopped, by the way? But on a positive note, it seems that you won’t have to worry about your kids needing to go to the dentist except for the occasional clean-up and baby tooth removal.