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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Easiest Party Ever!

A few months back we went to a three year old's birthday party at an indoor play-center and the kids just had a ball.  I wasn't really even thinking about their birthday at that time but they had so much fun I thought I'd look into it.  After checking a few different places, I realized this would be way out of our budget.  But I only checked on Saturdays and Sundays.  When I found out Friday nights were about half the price, I knew we could do it.  We had the party at Monkey Joe's and it went great!  The staff there was so amazing.  They took care of everything for us and made the whole thing really simple.  As the mom, I usually end up running around everywhere getting things done.  But this time I actually got to sit back and enjoy.  It was wonderful! And the kids had the time of their lives!

A very special welcome to the party

Luke instantly finds the slides

Jake racing cars with Auntie Janna

My fearless child

Princess Sarah on her throne

I love how excited Jake is to blow out the candles

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