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Thursday, January 10, 2013

3 Year Checkup

Today we took the kids to their pediatrician.  The doctor was very pleased that all 3 are hitting their milestones on target.  I asked the doctor about Jacob not being able to say his "F" & "S" sounds. She was not worried. She said many kids have trouble with those letters. She said if it's still a problem at their 4 year checkup then we may be referred to a speech therapist. The kids were very well behaved and polite & loved playing with all the doc's instruments- flashlight, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, etc. 

Here are the kids' stats along with the how they compare to others their age:

Sarah is 37in tall (41%) & weighs 32lbs (63%)

Jake is 36.75in tall (25%) & weighs 33lbs (64%)

Luke is 37in tall (31%) & weighs 34.5lbs (77%) 

I think Luke must have been retaining water or something because he usually weighs less than Jake.

Sarah always the dainty artist

The boys enjoying some art time also

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