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Friday, March 9, 2012

Yes, sometimes they ARE sweet

Having three toddlers is by no means easy.  It is A LOT of work.  But there are moments where the children are so sweet that you can temporarily just forget about all the tough times and just enjoy.  I captured this shot of Sarah and Luke sleeping in one bed.  They are each others' snuggle bear.  Adorable.

This week has been pretty rough as just as I started to recover from a monster head and chest cold, Kurt got it.  He was very sick this week!  Thankfully his parents jumped in and stayed with us at our house to help with meals, cleaning, laundry, childcare, etc.  I don't think we could have made it through without them.  I'm hopeful by the start of next week we will all be back to normal.  I'm praying with all my might that the kids never get it.  One can only hope!

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