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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tribute to Meghan

Tonight my heart hurts. I just don't know what else to say. 

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before but since having the triplets, I've been inducted into a close sisterhood of Triplet Mommies.  Some had their triplets before mine and they served as a mentor to me.  Ginny, Dawn, Anna, and Olive are some of the moms who guided me through my own pregnancy, answered every question I came up with, and gave me encouragement to keep pushing forward.  Some women already had triplets of various ages when I met them after our trips arrived- Julie, Amy, Michelle, Patricia, Erinn, Mandi, Samantha, Jennifer, Melissa, and Kristen. I have learned much from these women as well. And a few special and wonderful women connected with me while they were pregnant with their triplets.  I was able to mentor them just like others had done for me.  These amazing women are Meghan, Angie, Jennifer, Stacy, and Kimberly. 

Meghan was the first.  I guess she was about 3 months into her pregnancy when we connected.  The triplets were just a few months old and I was still trying to get my feet under me.  But I enjoyed chatting with her and reading her blog.  She read my blog too and commented a lot.  We exchanged a lot of Facebook messages and she always posted on photos of the triplets.  It was so fun to see her trio born healthy and strong. 

Meghan enjoying time with her babies

Meghan had battled cancer on and off for around 5 years.  It started in her late twenties.  Things were pretty stable but sometime last summer she had to have a surgery on her back where some cancer had returned.  The surgery went well and she was recovering.  Then she received another devastating blow that she had tumors in her brain that would have to be removed.  Again, the doctors expected things to go well for her and at first it seemed everything had. 

I had lost track of Meghan after communicating with her back in August but had thought of her from time to time and wondered how she was doing.  I hadn't heard a single thing from her in months.  Tonight I did some digging and found out she passed away at the end of October...just 11 days after her babies' first birthday.  Apparently the surgeries had been successful but she had a sudden massive hemorrhage in her brain while she slept.  It is comforting to know she passed without pain and suffering.  She had plenty of that while here on Earth. 

I know she is wrapped in God's loving arms as I type this but my heart still breaks for her family, her husband, and those 3 amazing miracles she brought into this world.  I know they will have plenty of pictures to see and stories to hear about their mom but it's just not fair they won't have real memories of her of their very own.  Meghan won't have the chance to hear them tattle on each other as they go through the terrible twos.  She won't get to cry when she drops them off at pre-school or follow the bus to school on their first day of Kindergarten.  She won't see them graduate college or marry and have kids of their own.  Please pray for the whole family.  It's been 4 months since she passed and I know there is still much grieving ahead of them. 

Beautiful and loving life.  How she'll always be in my mind.

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