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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Showing some triplet love

Being part of a family with triplets always brings an instant kinship with other similar families.  We reach out to each other in ways we wouldn't or couldn't with other people.  We feel each others sorrows and joys as if they were our own.  We're one big (loud) family! 

A fellow triplet mommy delivered her triplets just 6 months into her pregnancy.  Although her babies are tiny, they are all fighters.  She calls them baby ninjas and I love it!  To show her and her precious miracles some love from our family, we made little crafts that they can hang up in their NICU rooms.  Here are some pics of the shirts we made to show our support.  Sarah was our "Baby A" so she lends her support to Kim's "Baby A".  Jacob was our "Baby B" so his alliance is with "Baby B".  And of course our ladies man Lucas is paired up with "Baby C".  I know Kim has read this blog in the past.  I only hope she's too busy now with her trio to read it.  Otherwise it will spoil the surprise!

Sweet Baby A: Team Joel

Sweet Baby B: Team Joshua

Sweet Baby C: Team Shaina

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