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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bedtime chat with Sarah

This is an actual conversation...

Sarah: Mommy...I need Baby
(I place Baby in the bed next to Sarah)
Me: Here's Baby...good night Sarah

Sarah:  Where Dolly?
(I place Dolly in the bed next to Sarah and Baby)
Me: Here's Dolly...good night Sarah

Sarah: Where Lammy?
(Annoyed, I place Lammy in the bed next to Sarah, Baby, and Dolly)
Me: Here's go to sleep Sarah

Sarah: Where Kitty? Where Monkey?
(More annoyed but keeping my cool...)
Me: Kitty is in Lucas's bed and Monkey is in Jake's bed... now go to sleep

Sarah: I need foo-ball
(Seriously?!?! So I put the football next to Sarah, Baby, Dolly, and Lammy)
Me: This is the last toy...GOOD NIGHT!

After surveying the floor and satisfied that she had every toy possible in her bed...

Sarah: Night night, Mommy
Me: Night night, Sarah

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