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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Update on Big Kid Beds

Transitioning two of the three munchkins into toddler beds has been quite a challenge over the past week or two.  There have been good nights and good naps and there have been bad nights and bad naps.  It has been quite an exercise in problem-solving to keep the kids safe and the room in one piece.  So far the kids have destroyed several books, an entire brand new box of wipes one wipe at a time, a humidifier, a large picture frame, a sack of diapers, and a baby gate.  Oh and Lucas broke a piece of wood off the bottom of his crib and one of the slats off the blinds.  It's a new adventure every day!  Most of the time they have been good with napping at least a couple hours in the afternoon and at least 8 or 9 hours at night.  But there have been afternoons where we were not sure if they slept at all and one night they were up past midnight! Please continue the prayers as we forge through this new time in the kids' lives. 

Lucas's "big boy" bed

Sarah's "big girl" bed

Jake still with his crib...for now

Sarah climbing out of her new bed

A larger view of the whole nursery

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