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Monday, March 26, 2012

Moving Home

Today has been one of those really hard days when all I want is my mommy.  But my mommy lives and hour and a half away.  So she just can't rush down here to be by my side unless it's a real emergency.  And it's not.  I just want her here.

Parenting 2 year old triplets is a tough job for 2 people.  But when one of those people is incapacitated and the other has to pull double's super duper rough!  One person just does not have enough eyes and hands to keep all three where they're supposed to be and doing what they're supposed to be doing!

Kurt has some kind of awful icky stomach virus.  So while I'm trying to care for the trio, I'm also playing nurse to a very sick hubby.  Today, it seemed as though Kurt was getting worse so we headed to the ER to get him some strong meds and some fluids.  Thankfully, Dad and Elizabeth were able to come down to watch the trio.  That was such a blessing!  After returning from the ER, Kurt was starting to feel better and was actually able to sit up and drink some Gatorade without spending the next half hour in the bathroom!

In a few weeks we are moving back to my hometown where most of my family still lives.  It will be so wonderful to have that kind of support so close by.  I only wish we'd have been that close today so Dad and Elizabeth didn't have to take a whole day of work and spend 3 hours in the car just to help us out.  We appreciate it more than they will ever know!

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  1. Your mommy is glad you are coming home... I can't wait...