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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Adventures in bathing

This falls under the heading of "what were we thinking"??? Tonight the babies are 9 months old and Kurt and I thought it would be a good time to transition them from bathing in the baby tub to bathing in the big tub. WRONG! The kids (and their parents) are definitely not ready for this. It was a disaster! Do you know how hard it is to catch a soapy kid when they start to slide down? Both Sarah and Luke bonked their heads. They are just fine but of course mommy and daddy freaked out then started arguing about how best to bathe the children. We will wait a little while before trying this little adventure again. For now it's going to be bathing in the little tub of which they are rapidly outgrowing! Sorry kids...we're learning.

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  1. Hi Kelly, My Twins out grew the infant tub too. I searched for infant bath seats. I thought how cool would it be for them to be in a safe seat while in the bath tub so they could take baths together and splash and play! I also figure they will be in this seat till well over a year old. I found some on Ama.zon I think they were 21$ each. not "too" high. they have toys on them and a little whale that they can press down on and it spits water at them, My twins LOVE, LOVE , LOVE bath time now!! I let them play for about 15 mins after I wash them... So much fun =) Might wanna check out those Seats? I have a picture on my blog of the seat. Was in my last Blog post.