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Friday, October 29, 2010

9 Month Check-up

The nurses at the pediatrician's office were super excited to see the triplets on Thursday. They hadn't been there since their 6 month check-up. They have grown a lot since then. Their stats 6 months ago:

Sarah: weight 17lbs 2ozs (54th percentile) and height of 25.5 inches (21st percentile)
Jake: weight is 19lbs 9ozs (68th percentile) and height of 26.5 inches (30th percentile)

Luke: weight is 17lbs 11ozs (35th percentile) and height of 26.5 inches (30th percentile)

And now:

Sarah: weight is 20lbs 5ozs (60th percentile) and height of 27.5 inches (30th percentile)

Jake: weight is 22lbs 0ozs (60th percentile) and height of 29.0 inches (60th percentile)

Luke weight is 20lbs 9ozs (40th percentile) and height of 28 inches (30th percentile)

They weren't supposed to have any vaccines at 9 months but since it is fall they needed a flu shot. So Kurt and I made a deal and we got our flu shots that same day too. The doctor was very pleased with their growth and development. He said it's time to move up to a bigger car seat. We already knew that so we've been scoping them out and think we've made a selection. Some things he told us to work on for the next few months: working with sippy cups and introducing bite-sized food like gerber puffs, cheerios, lunch meat, cheese, etc. We have to go back for a flu booster shot next month and then to their 1 year check-up in January. I am praying with all my might that we can make it through cold and flu season without having to go back any extra times. We made it through last year so my fingers are crossed!

Here is a picture of Sarah's 1st tooth. She's the only baby to have a tooth coming in. I know the boys will soon follow. Sarah is the trailblazer. She just has to be first!

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  1. Look at that toothy!! Yay Sarah! My little sissy girl has 4 teeth already. just turned 8 months last week. Our little man has just the bottom 2. Awesome update, they are beautiful!

    Happy Halloween!!