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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

30th Birthday Party

Wow...11 days since my last post. I am majorly slackin'! My only defense is the extreme craziness that goes into juggling work, kids, family, etc. and adding in a big 30th birthday celebration. We decided to celebrate the big milestone early (October 2nd) because the scheduling conflicts with college football, Halloween, etc. were just going to be too much. I wanted to do a beach themed bash this year since most of my parties in previous years have been costume themed. Of course, what else would you expect from a Halloween baby?! So we set out to transfer the Summergrove clubhouse into a beach party. The decorations, food, music, drinks, and more could not have been more perfect. We used ocean blue tablecloths, real sand, seashells, and tealight candles to set the tables. We filled an inflatable pool with ice and drinks. My Mom brought this amazing tropical themed cake a friend of hers made. It was hand crafted and everything on it was edible (except the beach chair).We used tiki torches, beach chairs, and floats to create scenery. Kurt even downloaded an album of steel drum band music we played in the background. We had a total blast. What an awesome way to send out my 20's. Here are just a few pics from the bash. And the best part is I still get to enjoy my 20's for a few more weeks. lol

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