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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Annual Trenary-Koenig Beach Trip

Just about the time we settled back into Newnan-life, it was time to pack everyone up and head back to the beach. I don't usually plan vacations back to back but that's just how everyone's schedules worked out. We tried a new condo this year (Watercrest) and it was fantastic- the best one we've stayed in!
We again had 5 days of gorgeous weather and lots of fun times. Kurt and I decided we would be "daredevils" on this trip and try a few new things. Luckily, Dad and Elizabeth didn't mind watching the trio while we headed out on these adventures. First up on this list was parasailing. I was terrified to do it, but really enjoyed it. The adventure included me being bucked off a turbulent banana boat ride and briefly losing my tankini bottoms in the ocean. Kurt and I went up on our first parasail in tandem but a malfunction on the boat caused our tour to be cut short and everyone having to wait for another boat. The bobbing boat ride made Kurt a little queasy so I took the 2nd parasailing ride solo while he waited on the shore. I'm definitely a fan of parasailing and will do it again in the future.
The next adventure we decided to tackle was the reverse bungee or "slingshot". You are strapped into a chair and flung 360 feet in the air, then free fall back toward the ground, then spring up & down a few times. We got a souvenir video of the whole adventure and it has already been posted to Facebook. The video is hilarious! It's fun to say we did the slingshot but I don't think I will ever do it again. I'll stick to parasailing!
Overall, Sarah and Luke really enjoyed the beach. They liked playing in the sand and the kiddie pool. I even took Sarah out into the ocean with me. She's so easygoing with trying new things. Jake, on the other hand, was not having any part of the beach. I think he was frightened by the ocean and didn't like touching the sand. I sure hope he gets over his fears before next year! It will be a real bummer to have a child who won't play at the beach!
One big accomplishment from the trip is that the trips really had a lot of time to practice their walking skills. They have quickly turned into really good walkers and barely crawl at all anymore. They have seen that walking is the way to go and they love it!
Lucas playing in the sand
Sarah enjoying the pool
Kurt & I ready for parasailing

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