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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Orange for Owen

It's after 10pm and the kids are finally down for the night, the daily chores are all completed, and the house is dark and quiet.  I finally have a few precious moments all to myself to log-in to the blog.  The first thing I do is check the recent posts.  Melissa hasn't posted today.  I knew she probably wouldn't have the time or the words on a day like today.  But I selfishly hoped she'd had a few minutes to write about how the service was.  Did she get to tell the story of her sweet warrior man?  Did she make it through? I know she'll post again when she's up to it. 

My heart goes out to her today and for many days to come.  Melissa is a triplet mommy just like me, and although we've never met, just that fact alone forms an instant kinship.  Triplet mommies just "get" one another.  Just two weeks ago, baby Owen was a healthy, happy baby boy.  Now SIDS has cut his life here on Earth short.  But in one final act of bravery and love, Owen's heart, liver, and kidneys were given to help spare the lives of others.

Yesterday Melissa wrote a post asking those who could come to little Owen's funeral as well as those who could not attend to wear orange in support of him.  So that's exactly what I did.  It's just a small thing but it's the most I could do from so far away.  I know a little about the road she's about to head down.  It's going to be a tough journey and I just pray her support and faith is enough to pull her through. 

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  1. i have been following her blog and praying for her and her family. so awful.