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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Picasso? Maybe not.

At our last check-up our pediatrician gave us a few tasks to work on.  Homework.  And like the good students we are, we must have all our work completed before our next visit.
** Get the triplets completely off bottles and onto using sippy cups (Check!!)
** Make a time to read to the triplets every day (Check!!)
** Brush the triplets' teeth (Check!!)
** Introduce a fork and spoon (not very successful with this one)
** Introduce crayons (check this one off today!)

We decided today was the day to introduce crayons to the trio.  Sarah and Luke took to it right away.  We showed them how to scribble and they imitated us.  Jake managed to bite off the tips of the green and black crayons.  He was much more interested in chomping on them than scribbling.  We'll have to work with him a bit.  But overall they managed to color a masterpiece.  May not be much to others but this mama was proud enough to tape it to the fridge!  This first ever piece of art will definitely go in their baby book. 
Sarah draws as Luke stands on the masterpiece
Jake just wants to eat the crayons
Lucas tries to hoard the crayons

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  1. WoW! those are some pretty awesome Coloring pictures! I have some great scribble work on my fridge too! and in our back patio. (sidewalk chalk) so glad it's none toxic lol! I think they get more on themselves than on the sidewalk!