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Thursday, June 30, 2011

They suck!

Or rather, I should say, they use straws!  The triplets can drink from a straw!  Tonight Kurt and I were both feeling like we needed to get out of the house for dinner.  Night after night at home can wear on you.  So we packed the kiddos up and headed to a local favorite.  While we are eating Kurt casually mentions "Sarah and Luke can drink from a straw now".  I was completely shocked.  They can?  I had no idea.  Kurt just sort of stumbled upon this fact today when both kids drank out of his glass with a straw.  We've been working so hard these past 3 months to get them used to sippy cups we didn't even try a straw.  Where did they learn it?  I suppose part instinct and part observing us.  I was so excited that Sarah and Luke could do it, I was anxious to see if Jake would do it too.  And he did!  While this may seem like a small milestone to the outside observer, it just proved to me once again that my kids are the most amazing kids in the whole world!

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