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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

When do you know?

Since the triplets have been born, I have asked myself a lot of "when does a parents know..." type questions. Like, when does a parent know they have a prodigy in their midst? I guess I could ask Mozart's, Doogie Howser's, or Bill Gates' moms...if only I had a way to get in touch with them. Did Picasso's mom know she had an artist in her home? Did Christie Brinkley's or Cindy Crawford's moms know they had a supermodel in the family? I guess the reason I ask this is because every so often one of the triplets will do something that I think is unique. And I wonder if we have a future artist, model, CEO, US President, professional athlete or more among us? When I look at Sarah's big blue eyes and sweet smile I wonder if she's going to be the next big supermodel.

When I pick up "big Jake" and marvel at his broad shoulders, back, and neck, I wonder is he genetically pre-destined to be a future hall of fame football player?

The most recent example of this is with Lucas. He is unbelievably smart for a 9 1/2 month old. If I hand him and one of his siblings both a toy, he will hide his toy behind his back or under his belly for protection and then go after the sibling's toy. He already understands he needs to first protect his belongings before he goes after someone else's. How does this kid know that already? Is he destined to be a corporate raider- obtaining and taking apart another's company? Or could he be on the path to be a leader in the military? The other day I saw Luke put his problem solving skills into action. He was sitting on the kitchen island in his bumbo seat (don't judge) while Kurt and I prepared food. There was a can of veggies next to him but just out of reach. I watched as he stretched and stretched to touch the can but couldn't quite do it. So he sat for a minute devising his plan. He picked up the toy from his lap and used it to slide the can over within his reach so he could touch it. I was so amazed that I immediately told Kurt what had just transpired. He couldn't believe it either. Is that the normal mind of a baby his age? He's not even pulling up or walking yet and he's already solving problems. So how do you know if you have a baby genius? Only time will tell. But mark my Lucas...he's got something special.

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  1. I ask myself those same questions with Landon, Kel!! I think Luke is definitely gonna be a smarty-pants. Just the one day I saw him he was observing EVERYTHING!!! That's gotta say something because Landon did the same thing and I think he's pretty smart (of course I'm probably a little bias)! :)