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Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Now that Thanksgiving is just a few days away, all the stores are getting geared up for some serious shopping. Even the radio stations are starting to play Christmas tunes. It's so exciting to think about Christmas. This year has been a year of many firsts for us as parents- first Valentine's Day, first Easter, first July 4th, first Halloween, etc. Next week will be our first Thanksgiving as new parents and next month will be our first Christmas. Now that the babies are mobile, it leaves us with a dilemma about what to do with our tree. We always get a live tree. Last year we got a tree, put all the lights on it, and then I was admitted to the hospital. Kurt commuted daily back and forth to the hospital and worked full-time so our poor tree sat undecorated all month. This year we want to decorate but we don't really have room for a tree. Plus we don't want our little mobile monkeys tearing down all the decorations. Oh well, I guess we will figure out something. Stay tuned........

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