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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

10 Months- some busy babies!

The Koenig triplets have been very busy these days! First, on November 6th they turned 10 months old. There's now less than 2 months until their first birthday! Kurt and I have to put our heads together and plan a fun party for them. I can't believe how fast time is going by.
Speaking of birthdays, Kurt's Dad celebrated his 60th birthday with a party on Sunday. The triplets had fun meeting a whole bunch of new people. Although they were very tired so they conked out about halfway through the party.

Kurt's grandparents came into town from Cincinnati for the party and stayed at the house with us on Saturday night. The babies just loved spending time with them. In fact, I think the kids were trying to show off a little because Luke sat up from a laying position all by himself and full-on crawled for the first time too. Jake wanted to show off a little too because his first tooth finally cut through. Sarah showed off her dancing moves.

Kurt's brother and grandparents watched this kids for us Saturday night so we could celebrate our anniversary. 9 years ago we went on our first date, 7 years ago Kurt proposed, and 6 years ago we tied the knot. What a fun and crazy ride these last 9 years have been. To celebrate, we had dinner at our favorite place- The Melting Pot...mmmmmm.

We're all starting to get excited about the holidays coming up. Thanksgiving is a week from Thursday. I know we'll have lots of pics and stories.

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