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Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Amazing Body

Today as I was getting out of the shower and toweling off, I began to check out my "post-baby" body. As I examined the pink stretch marks and jiggly belly, I thought to myself "I have an amazing body!". Now from first glance this plus-sized, surgery-scarred, cellulite-dimpled body may not look like much. But to me, it's a work of art. I asked something of my body no body should ever have to do. For nearly 8 months, I grew 3 little perfect babies in that body. My body was stretched and compressed to the limit. My hips still crack when I move the right way. It had to deal with high blood pressure, stressed kidneys & liver, increased sugar, dropping platelets, and more. I quite literally pushed my body to its absolute breaking point. It took the abuse and came back for more. It carried me through the fire and brought both me and those precious little babies through to the other side healthy and happy. I have a whole new appreciation for my body. Now instead of seeing all the imperfections, I see what my body CAN do. And I am amazed. Now, do I wish I had a perfect "supermodel" body? Of course. But my body is pretty amazing just like it is.

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  1. I have to agree! I am proud of my scars :)