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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Beach Day 2

Another gorgeous day at the beach! Although a lot has changed. No more throw on a suit and stumble down to a beach chair for hours and hours of sun worshipping. I have been here 2 days and haven't even made it to the beach yet. We decided it would be best to introduce the kiddos to the pool first. When we first took them in the pool they cried a little but then they loved it!Today we try the beach. Yesterday evening we set out to one of our favorite restaurants Hamiltons only to find out it closed! Booooo! Now with the Treasure Ship (another favorite) burned down and closed, we are on the hunt for some new favorites. We tried a new place Pier 77 and it was fantastic! It looked like kind of a dive from the outside but the food was great- especially the she-crab soup and the key lime pie. We'll definitely go back next year to that place. Well, if it's still there. I snapped a couple pics of Jake and Sarah. Luke was too fidgety. Enjoy!

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