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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beach Day 3 & 4

Saturday & Sunday at the beach brought lots more fun! On Saturday, Elizabeth had some extended family come for a visit so she offered to keep the babies in the condo while Dad, Kurt, & I hit the beach. Later my mom (who is also down here on her own vacation) and 2 friends came over to watch the babies while we went out to dinner. After dealing with some very frustrating traffic we finally all made it to Captain Jack's for the best crab legs anywhere! Woohoo!

Sunday (today) we decided to try something new and rented some scooters. We took turns driving the scooters all around PCB. It was a blast! At night we tried a new restaurant called Saltwater Grill. The food was great but the jerk playing piano refused to tone it down any and we were seated right next to him. The babies were not too fond of his terrible renditions of the Police and Chris Issack. So we had a quick meal. After dinner we strolled the kids to the beach for some pics.

Tomorrow morning we head home. This vacation has definitely been unique. Having the triplets with us has been a joy yet made things much more complex. But they are still so precious!

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