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Thursday, May 6, 2010

4 months ago today...

we received the greatest blessings of our lives. Happy 4 month birthday my little monkeys! Although they are not so "little" anymore. We don't have the baby scale anymore so we are having to rely on our home scale. As of today Sarah weighs 13lbs. 7ozs. Jake weighs 15lbs. 7ozs. and Luke weighs 13lbs. 13ozs. Sarah has gained nearly 10lbs. since she was born. Jake has gained nearly 11lbs. and Luke more than 9lbs. They are just growing so fast!

Each baby eats around 6 ozs. of breast milk or formula at every feeding. Yes I am still pumping at least 6 times a day to provide the babies with as much of my milk as possible. I am pumping around 40 ozs. of milk per day. Starting this weekend we are planning to start introducing rice cereal during 1 feeding per day. I can't wait to see how they do with that!

Each baby is in 3 month clothing and size 2 diapers. The babies use around 20 diapers per day so we are taking diaper donations if anyone would like to donate a box or two to our cause- lol. We still have quite a few size 1 diapers leftover so I am planning to make a diaper cake for one of my girlfriend's baby showers. I hope she likes it.

The babies are still slightly behind developmentally for 4 months of age but that is to be expected with preemies. They are doing great holding their head/neck steady. They track people and toys. They follow our voices across the room. When you speak to them they smile and coo and make their best attempt at communication. When we get them out of their cribs in the morning they give us a big smile like they are happy to see us. They enjoy looking at their reflection in the mirror. They try to imitate our actions especially sticking out their tongue when we do. And the most important one is they are fully sleeping through the night!!! It is so wonderful! They've been doing it for about 2 weeks now and it is such a gift. We have some really great babies!

Some big things coming up: their 4 month check-up at the pediatrician on the 25th and their first trip to the beach on the 27th. We are super excited about the beach. We really hope the recent oil spill in the Gulf doesn't ruin our plans!


  1. Wow Kelly.. The babies really look Great.. Just when I'm crying super tears over here from lack of sleep with the twins, I remember you with the triplets and gather myself back together again. lol

    Amazing Job Momma :)

  2. so adorable! I cant believe they are 4 months old! congrats to sleeping thru the night :)